Have you ever wondered about your past lives, or had visions of things that seemed familiar to you but that you never remembered knowing before? Cryptomnesia is when you have things from your subconscious resurface to the conscious mind. These things are mostly memories, but the memories may not always be specifically yours; some are bits of past lives that you’re remembering. When meditating, this piece can help you connect to your past lives by going back and speaking with them, or simply observing them. You will appear to them while they sleep, that way you don’t affect their physical actions and thus the time-line of events leading to their death and your rebirth.We have channeled this energy using a Tesla Coil while sleeping and due to that you can now take energy and ability from those memories and make the physical real including psychic ability. We have a few of these that we tried on inexpensive pieces. We won't leave them laying arpund so take advantage of them because they would be around 200 and in a better metal. These are vintage costume jewelry and so cheaper for you. You will get one you see.
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