Hi DeeDee, remember those genie beads you had listed? I bought two, you
sent me one big one and one little one, said the power was the same but as
you know I have to buy in even numbers for my Power Necklace. I put them
on the necklace Friday morning, Friday night I made a wish. Saturday
morning when I got up I found out the wish had come true. Granted it's
just one wish, it could be coincidental so I figure "try it again to see
if it's works again". Sunday morning I make a wish, later Sunday morning I
find out my wish came true. All I can say is WOW! You can use this as a
testimonial if you want.

I figured I'd better start honoring them for all their hard work, djinn
like lavender scent so I will burn lavender scented candles that I have
each time I wish for something and it comes true. If this keeps up I may
have to buy a case of cancles!
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