When you talk about powerful men of God, there are few that come to mind instantaneously, without question.  Moses, Noah, Daniel, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.  One man whose power and great devotion to God that has gone severely overlooked goes by the name Hezekiah.  He was the 13th King of Judah and is credited for bringing sanctity back to the Temple Mount during a time where Ahaz, his predecessor had shut it down and allowed the worship of other gods within the territory of Judah.  Hezekiah got the country back on track, spiritually, to a place where the power of God was feared and respected by all.  It was during this time that such prophets were born such as Hosea and Micah.  He brought the power of God back into the nation of Judah and was the first King to pray to God in the Temple since King Solomon did it 250 years prior.  Thus, the blessing of God was always upon the head of Hezekiah, even in times of strife.  He helped Hezekiah complete miraculous feats such as defeat the encroaching Assyrian Army.

Even in the spiritual realms, God has blessed Hezekiah, making him one of the high generals of his armies.  He exists in command right below the archangels themselves, prepared to fight the good fight at the end of times when the City of Light will descend upon the Earth.  Until then, he has been given a very unique and challenging jobs that might make you think of the television show, Supernatural.  You see, during the end of Christ's life, when he was upon the cross, there was a huge earthquake.  The ground shook, lightning flashed, and the Earth was split open.  The blood of Christ made its way down through the cracks into the Earth, where it mixed with the natural elements to create a race of spiritually advanced beings called bloodlings.  After all wasn't it from the same dust that we were created as humans?  Why else would they say from ashes to ashes, from dust to dust?   Because god made us out of the dust of the Earth with his raw powers.  How much easier would it be for a race to be formed out of the natural elements and the blood of Christ?  This is exactly what happened  The result, again, was a race of superhuman individuals who have lived among the quote-unquote "normal" individuals since their inception on the day of Christ's human death. 

These individuals are known as bloodlings, obviously because they were born of Christ's blood.  They are immortal beings that aren't quite angels, but aren't quite human either.  They are divine individuals and the best way to really describe them is that they are gods among men.  The reason Hezekiah is so important to this story, as a whole, is because he was sent back to Earth to collect all the bloodlings, sort of like the the cast of Supernatural is in charge of collecting their demons.  But that was fiction, the Bloodings are real.  They exist all over the world and could be any person that you see on a daily basis.  You'd never know, because they assume the natural cycle of humans until that guise gets to old.  Then they assume a new one.  They exist on Earth and are being corralled by Hezekiah, to get them all together, because they time in coming where the good fight is going to need to be fought and the Heavenly City of Light from the Book of Revelations will fall down upon the Earth. 

We actually came across Hezekiah somewhere on an investigation in Kentucky.  He was passing through, when Deedee picked up on him in a psychic vision ineffectually called upon him to come visit us.  It was harrowing experience, when he showed up, because he appeared to us in hi angel form and not the human form that God had originally sent him in.  He knew that we knew who he was so I guess he figured that there was no point in hiding it from us.  In fact, we appreciated his spirit form more that we could have ever his physical form, because it was his natural form and the form in which he appeared the most magical.  When he presented himself to us, it became clear that even though good will eventually always overpower bad, the more white light creatures that we have to fight the battle, the easier victory will come.  This is why he has given us this power, which has been spread out into a collection of items.  With one of these pieces, you will be able to birth your own bloodlings.  They will exhibit any white light powers that you want then too.  All you have to do is use this power to speak your bloodling into birth.  When using the power in your piece, just call out to Hezekiah, the Bloodlings' General, and tell him what type of Bloodling you want born and what you want it to do for you.  It can anything from wealth, spiritual purity, psychic awakening, astral travel into Heaven etc.  Just remember it has to be 100% white light powers in order for the piece to work.  However, if you keep it white, there are no limits to the powers that this piece will bring to you. 



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