This is one amazing piece that will do all spells. ALL SPELLS! You only have to say what you want accomplished and it will find what needs to be done and do it. This is one of the easiest pieces to use ever. A novice can do this because it is in the control of Hilly a very accomplished witch if the highest occult. This is a dual item that you NEED! I mean what I say.

This piece is very large and will do so much more then spells. This is also an antique and I believe made of Mourning glass. You would wear this a a huge center piece which will be looked at. It is Gothic,original and awesome. I hate the word Awesome because it reminds me of the man I used to call Plastic man. He looked like Ken form Barbie and ken and was a big A-BUTT. I could not stand him and I think he had a stick in his butt too. I could not look at his face that seemed to be a Joan Rivers twin. Anyway.

This on top of spells will do these things and these abilities. You also have the option of having the Hilly come with the piece or not. She is willing to add her energy to anything so if you want this piece with out the spirit you can. We have tested it both ways.

These are a list if the abilities. Blood Management and regeneration with conjuration,soul manifestation of any soul or changing of your own. You will also have astral mimicry,full knowledge of the astral level of alchemy which is one you DO NEED if your really into alchemy. The reason is many of the things you need to open those gates no longer exists here.

You will also gain holography which is super cool! You also get Illusion,hypnotic,sexual zeal and full blown out of your head psychic ability but what one is unknown until you get it.

I LOVE this piece! The spells alone which are done in the physical sense,meaning no BS,the job gets done. I don't know if you now it but there is a sale on this piece. I hope you can see that as it is the first time I have used it.

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