If you think that there is something there that is putting you in a bad energy or a curse or anything negative then this is for you. This is the battle of the good. It draws the bad that is ALREADY around you to the light and then destroys it or sends it packing.

I wore this on an investigation that I thought was alright. Just the normal haunting but it turned out that it wasn't a normal one at all. This was done on last Sunday I believe. I really needed it at the time and it did work. If I had not had it what was not good would have followed me home.

This is Steve who is listing this piece.  I just want to let everyone know that this ring exapands to fit just about any finger size.  I have size 12 bear paws, myself, so I'm sure it will fit anybody.  It works like a shaman's rattle because of the loose balls on the top of it.  It will deflect evil automatically, but if you feel like there is an evil presence of evil may be imminent, you can also rattle this piece.  The sound it makes will sound like the voice of God to any impending evil and whatever entities or powers that are looming in the shadowy corners of your world will go running back to where it came from with its tail betwen its evil legs.  Why take the chance?  Don be at risk!

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