When we talk about Djinn it is usually one or two that we keep or own. Many times you have to bond with them or do offerings unless they are Blue Djinn.

This item is so much different. With these Djinn they come as you call them. You call them by ringing the bells which serves two purposes. In the Djinn culture the people wear bells to keep the evil ones away so with this piece the only ones coming are those that love humans and wish to help you. Sorry run on sentence but I continue....


This piece is sterling silver and is able to call to you 10 djinn at one time all at once. These are all good djinn and they come asap! There is NO waiting and NO offerings. They are in full service. I can't tell you what type will show up at any given time because it is always different according to what you want or seek.


WHat is great about this piece is that it takes the guess work out of what you need as far as a djinn goes. You call with your intentions of what you want and they know and they come and take care of it.


Here is what we tested this one and we really tried to cover a wide variety of situations.


Health- This was tested by three testers all of who are sick. One with the flu,one with a muscle iussue that is a disease and one with a mental health problem. We found them at the home for crazy people. They were really hard to deal with. This home is where the TV show mom works that has the 10 kids and then her husband left. The show I think was taken off last year. She works in wernersville where the ghost hunters just did a investigation. I have pics of it and I can tell you for sure it's very haunted. But enough of that. We located one of crazies wandering around and I just went up to him. It was very hard to communicate but I just placd it on him. He was still crazy but with in 20 minutes he was calmer and then did seem normal. Testing on this is inconclusive at this time until I go back to visit him,so on crazy people I can't make the call that it worked yet.


The lady with the flu,all gone asap!


The man with the muscle issue that is a disease is honest to God gone!


Wealth, 5 testers all now have jobs or got a serious amount of money in the mail when none should have been coming. My personal testing with this was through my home owners ins. The water break was not covered under the flood at all! Yet they paid out fully. I have no idea to this day how that happened but it did. The only way they pay for a boiler that breaks is if it was a fire and it was not a fire. Either way I did my jingle and she called me and said she was paying out! I did not question it!


Love,a man found his wife loved another and wanted her back. He met another woman and could have the original back. So then it was just a decision he had to make. He did not take the old one back.


Lady tester's man walked out with another woman and she now has him back but did decide that she was tired of his crap and now h is begging her to take him back!


Lady needed a soul mate and now has one and that took for her about 3 weeks. I guess the djinn had to place him in her path.


Family relations,a fighting family that seriously could have killed each other has now sat down and worked it all out but they had been fighting for 10 years!


So it seems that these Djinn are really powerful and seem to do all they need to in order to get what you want.


These are awful beautiful and this is all sterling with gorgeous colored enamel.




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