This will most likely be one of the scariest realizations that you will ever come to.  We live in a society that is rife with conspiracy theories.  A lot of them, okay most of them, are valid to a point.  We have a lot of these pieces that prove that most of these conspiracy hold, at least some type of validity.  There are also some of these that we eventually end up debunking. Hey, it's what we do.  WE separate the real stuff from the bull crap and them offer you, the customers, the real stuff.  However, I had to tell you that this next one takes any conspiracy theory to the next level.  It isn't just a conspiracy theory of something that this person or that person has done that will eventually be exposed for what it really is.  This conspiracy is very real and very alive.  It is a working force in the daily life of each and every reader that is reading this right now. 

When you think about about world domination you think about the End of Times.  You think about a very sinister force-- perhaps human in nature, perhaps not-- taking over the world and establishing a one world government type of scenario.  There are many groups that constitute and NWO scenario.  You have the Bilderbergers, the New Nazi Establishment, the Reptilians, the Freemasons, the Illuminati.  When I write about them, I usually just refer to them collectively as the NWO, because let's face it, they are all in cahoots in one way shape or form.  This group-- called the Jesuit Order-- takes all of these groups, adds a twist, and kicks it up a few notches.  They come in the name of peace and stability.  The pretend to spread the salvation of God, and then trample on the very people they have supposedly saved.  They are a group of missionaries, priests, monks, and other "righteous" dignitaries. They move in to communities and build churches and school and universities.  They do good things for the community!!  Yeah... right! 

The fact of the matter is that the very founding of the Order of Jesus, as they called themselves, was done with a taste of perversion from the truth.  It was found by Saint Ignatius after he was wounded in battle and supposedly receive a religious conviction that left him a fresh convert to the church.  Actually, what really happened is Saint Ignatius almost died.  Kind of like that movie, "Heaven is for Real," it was Ignatius' time.  Seeing as though he had already had a taste of what the power of God was capable of, just by being sent to Heaven for judgment (which he obvious didn't receive at that time), he devoted his life to attempting to garner the, the power of the power thereof.  He searched high and low for religious artifacts that would allow him to perform God's powers here on Earth.  He even gathered a group of staunch followers, who helped him in any way Ignatius asked them to.  Basically, they were his ancient groupies and he promised them a spot in Heaven if they followed him.  His group grew, gained the favor of the Catholic Church and the rest is history. 

Eventually, the interest of the group was exposed, much to the delight of the Catholic church.  They turned the group into a clandestine society on the prowl for any type of religious artifact, script, magic, power, etc.  The higher-ups in the group, with support from the Pope and his cronies, used the their lower people as mules to gather up as much as they could.  The information they found was stored in places like the Secret Archives, the Cave of Treasures, and the Vatican Secret Library.  As time went on the rulers of the group-- and of the Vatican itself-- began to take a turn for the worse.  As prophecy dictates, the Catholic Church would be lead by a group of false prophets and heretics.  They are Antichrists that are constantly battling anything good.

They eventually stopped their widespread efforts for search and recover.  Instead, they moved in under the guise of education and religious outreach.  Rather than having members that searcher for them, the Jesuit Order began encroaching upon society, meddling in political affairs.  When that didn't work, they summoned up the powers that they had collected and began using them for mind control and brainwashing purposes.  They began breeding their own race of Antichrists that put on a muse of holiness to trick people into following them.  They institute schools and churches, where their private occult practices continue even as you read this.  These rituals and ceremonies are brainwashing the masses into doing whatever they tell them to do.  This is happening fulfill the prophecy of a one world government before the return of Christ to Earth.  They are preparing a Satanic Black Mass that will greet Jesus with opposition and strife.  They will be the majority who will be cast into the Lake of Fire.  It is all part of Satan's plan to plot a massive takeover attempt.  He really wants to rule Heaven... but that is never going to happen.  We read the book, you lose. 

In the meantime the Jesuits continue to parade around in holy guise.  They have set their sights even higher, attempting sail the League of Nations after World War 2.  When that didn't succeed, they tried NATO.  NATO was pretty much a flop, so then worked to establish the United Nations and something finally came to fruition.  If you look around, we pretty much live in a One World Government.  The leaders of this group are all Jesuits-- if not directly they are brainwashed "graduates" of Jesuit schools or members of the Jesuit "Church".  I mean how much more evil does this country have to get?  They are taking God out of everything and allowing Muslims to burn flags in our country!! They are exceeding at an exponential pace and the only thing we can really do at this point is wait. 

This piece is an original piece of Adolfo Nicolas, the Superior General of the Society of Jesus.  He is also known as the Black Pope.  He has six generals who controls the regular Pope in Vatican City.  He rules over Maritime Laws with members in the Bilderberg Group and other banking elite societies.  He controls the entire banking system of the world.  He runs the Society of Freemasons.  He controls the secret services via higher ups in each of the following:  CIA, FBI, NSA, SIS, MI6, the Scotland Yard, the Mossad, CSIS, DGSE, and the FSB.  He controls the Vatican.  The Vatican owns 60% of all Israeli lands.  They own the Land of the Temple Mount for their Third Temple of Solomon and Wordly Throne.  He is part of the Arcan Arcanorum.  He is exemplary of the utmost power on Earth. 

This item, which again, is one of his own personal collection, is a tie to everything.  When I say everything, I mean everything.  It holds all the powers of all the religious relics and artifacts that have been hidden from the people in secret locations.  It gives all the knowledge of the entire Vatican Secret Library.  There are secret types of magic and power that this exhibits, as they have been hidden in documents in the secret library.  You will gain all the powers that have been collected from the religious relics.  It will bring a white light connection to God, to be able to see into the realm of Heaven and receive prophecy like the prophets used to receive on Mount Ararat and the Mount of Olives.  It is literally the living, breathing power of God, which will essentially give you all the knowledge, power, and magic thereof.  There is pretty much anything you can't attain and speak into existence with this piece.  You better get this one before it is gone!  We don't anticipate being able to keep this one for very long! 


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