The Aitvaras traditionally serves as a family guardian. It is a powerful spirit with dominion over wealth and relationship that brings happiness, good fortune, and abundance to those it loves, often quietly and anonymously. The Aitvaras lives in forests or celestial realms, but it may be persuaded to join a family at home. An Aitvaras attached to a family can be sent to steal from other people. The Aitvaras was traditionally sent to raid barns or granaries but can theoretically retrieve anything. <br /><br />

An Aitvaras may appear as a golden rooster; a large fire-breathing dragon; a small grass snake with a long tail, which emits light as he flies through the air; a huge snake with a flaming head; or a snake formed entirely of fire. <br /><br />

If you wish to make an offering to the Aitvaras, serve it cooked meals that haven’t been tasted by anyone else, even during the cooking process. <br /><br />

This wonderful artifact can be used to invoke a powerful Aitvaras that will dedicate itself to protecting and serving you and your loved ones. It can be asked for anything and will provide it gladly. If you are in need of money, you will find it being supplied in abundance, often from unexpected sources. If there is strife or suffering in your household, it will be healed. If you feel that you have been cursed with bad luck, your fortune will be reversed almost overnight. Your life will be filled with blessings, love and happiness. If anyone wishes you or your family members harm, they will be rendered powerless and will find their own lives destroyed by their ill wishes. Your life will be one of limitless abundance, unending wealth. <br /><br />

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