In New Guinea where they used to shrink heads and eat people, they could get a little crazy. Not crazy like me, but loony all the way. This is because they had holes in their heads. Some say I have a hole in my head but it's not really true. These people did and it was from a disease called Kuru. In the late 50s, a scientist discovered it and since then, no more eating of people. What caused the disease was eating the brains and the intestines of their relatives. When they did this and the holes formed in their brains they would laugh like loons and go a little nuts.

This item holds the spirit of a nutty man who I usually would not sell. He is up for sale because while he does go on laughing sprees when he is lucid he is one of the best spell casters I have come across! He stays lucid for hours and days at a time but then he could go bonkers again. During the time he is in his right mind you can ask for any type of spell and see it come into being. You do have to put up with the laughing sometimes but it is worth it. His name is Ouga.This is a pendant which is very old and the last thing. Carolyn was wearing before the savages shrunk her head. Her family had what was left of her returned to them and that is how I got them when they kept hearing that loon like cackle.

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