The power that is held in this item is one that is typically used by upper level sorcerers or groups such as the Illuminati, Freemasons, or secret schools of magic. They are used to keep the magic completely covert and to assure that their power never fall into the eye of the public or into the hands of somebody that could do some serious damage to the balance of good and evil that exists in our world. They are collectively called the cleaners and typically do the same thing, although the powers they exhibit vary from circumstance to circumstance as each cleaner is individually created by the person whose interest in compromised by exposure of their magic. The cleaners powers are very destructive, but not necessarily destructive in a bad way. The cleaners do not act on their own free will but are remotely controlled by a person or multiple people. They are used to seek and out and destroy any instance of leaked information and/or magic that was not meant for exposure to the public. They then will clean up any mess that is associated with the exposure of the magic to the public, including altering history, erasing memories, and yes, even disposing of the people who exposed the magic. You can think of them kind of like the "Men In Black," only for those people that are practitioners in the world of magic. This piece holds the powers of a cleaner. It's not that you will use this cleaner to clean anybody or anything. It has been retired from that type of usage. Instead, this cleaner holds the knowledge of tons of magic and powers. It has spent centuries under the control of a sorcerer in Bulgaria who has used this cleaner time and time again to make sure his powers didn't fall into the wrong hands and that the media didn't know that he was manipulating government and other institutions with his magic. This cleaner has eaten many types of magic in the process and holds the knowledge of all this magic and many, many different forms of power and energy. This piece allows you to safely access this information, without the threat of yet another cleaner coming. Cleaners have no authority over other cleaners and this is the reason you will be completely safe. This piece will not only bring you those powers that have been eaten by the cleaner, but also the cleaners original powers that include the the ability to alter circumstances, including rolling back time, changing time, altering events that have already occurred, changing history, and creating alternate history. They also hold the power to erase, change, and recreate memories. This piece is a powerful adventure. There is a very powerful flow of energy from the cleaner on top of the powers it already possesses. These are all white light energies as even the negative energies that are consumed by the cleaner are automatically converted to white light. They are white light creatures. The powers in this piece should not be taken lightly. It is a very powerful piece with a TON of magical ability! THIS PIECE IS STERLING SILVER AND THESE CLEANERS HAVE BEEN USED FOR YEARS AND I MEAN YEARS. DURING THE MONTAUK EXPERIMENTS ONE WAS FOUND IN THE 1500'S WITH A MAN THEY SWORE WAS TESLA TRAVELING IN WHAT WAS TOLD TO THEM WAS A STELLAR PATHWAY. IT WAS ALSO SAID THAT THESE CLEANERS CAN VIRTUALLY LIVE FOREVER IF ON THAT STELLAR PATHWAY BEFORE DEATH. WE HAVE NO PROOF OF THE PATHWAY BUT WE DO HAVE PROOF OF THE CLEANERS AND MONTAUK. THE COLOR OF THE RING IS A SEA BLUE OR SEA GREEN BUT IT IS VERY NICE AND YOU FEEL THE POWER FROM THIS ONE AS SOON AS YOU PLACE IT ON.
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