The Clones

If you could sit back, relax, and have some time to collect your thoughts you might find that you are amazed by how much the world around us is changing. It is like the world five years ago might as well go fart dust and ride out on a dinosaur. Have you ever stopped to wonder if humans are capable of so many intellectual advancements in such a little period of time. I mean, after all, look how long it took before the industrial revolution took place. I mean, relatively speaking, human progression is all relatively young. It wasn’t too many years ago we, as a race, we were riding horses and drinking water out of springs. Now a couple hundred years later, a baby step in terms of history, and -- bam!-- we’ve got cell phones that can do anything short of making you your morning latte.

Is it all a coincidence that everything has transpired so rapidly? Some may say that it is in human nature to be adaptable and change to their surroundings-- survival of the fittest. Others may say that’s just the way it is, filling their minds with indifference and unconcern. Well, I say it’s time for Americans to wake up and see what’s really going on. You might call me a conspiracy theorist, but I don’t care because I have proof. Our world is all make believe; it is a water color painted by the group of alien clones that have implemented this mind control technique so that way we don’t rebel... so that way we don’t rise up.

The advanced race of alien clones that I am talking about, lives among us, walks among us, in the guise of your normal everyday human entity. They have sought out refuge on our planet, as a result of an intergalactic struggle of control on the Orion belt. However, when they arrived here they found out what a bunch of savage, idiotic brutes we humans are. Besides that, they seemed to feed off of our energies like a flashlight feeds off of D cell batteries. So, little by little the clones began implementing procedures, implanting chips in our mind that allowed them to suck our energy while creating a false perception and reality for us to live in.

There was, however, a small outpost of human survivors who managed to survive this psychological onslaught. They eventually named themselves the International Planetary Reclamation Force, but they have been successful in little more than rescuing a few people from their false bliss. These are the people who have rescued myself and my colleagues at Haunted Curiosities. Together, we have been able to develop technology that is set forth in the above pieces. The technology is designed to gain more members for the IPRF, as our goal is to totally awaken all of Earth’s inhabitants and drive out the alien invaders.

When you choose to purchase this piece, what you are actually choosing to receive in an uncloaking device. With this piece your eyes will be opened wide and you will be able to see the world for what it really has become-- a vast wasteland over run by these alien clones. You will be able to view the human race for what they really are... living, breathing batteries, and you will be given the ability to distinguish between humans and the alien perpetrators. You will wake up from your oblivion and hopefully choose to help us defend the planet that is rightfully ours.

As for the technology part? The one’s in charge of “inventing” these technologies have been the ones that mask themselves as humans. They have had the secrets of this technology for eons, but with the population of the Earth increasing, use the technology in conjunction with each person’s microchip to monitor all human behavior at all times. Only those who possess the offered piece are truly free from the mind invasion and oppression that is being forced upon us. The truth is out there. The choice is yours. Don’t let the world down, join the IPRF by obtaining this piece today!

This amazing, rare chance to own a piece that satisfies knowledge and power is available in a unique pendant that can be used not only as a cloaking device, but also as a pendulum or spirit channeler! The technological abilities and powers are evoked inside and are waiting for you to bond and release them!~

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