I have had a lot of things happen this week but one of the most weird was a book I got in the mail. To say the book was magical is not really saying enough. This is an old Jewish religious book and inside was a picture of a few men sitting around a table. You could tell they were dead,the picture was from the 20's I would guess. The book even being of a religious nature changed before my eyes and the cover then said the book of symbols. The title had changed. I began to feel dizzy but of course was curious so I began to look harder. I was drawn to the image of one man who seemed to come alive as if I was in some sort of horror flick with out the horror,at first.

I began to see all kinds of numbers,geometric designs,equations,measures and the universe,all of these things being the key of the universe. It is hard to explain but if you can understand the numbers you can understand all magic and the world both physical and spiritual.

What stood out in the book was a triangle,it took up the entire one line of the book. The line underneath that was a slanted line. The third space was a partial triangle as if you took the one line out it would then become an L. Then my mind somehow,maybe telepathically reasoned that the triangle was the Trinity which was God,Jesus and the Holy Spirit. I KNEW this to be what I saw. Not sure how I knew but I did. When I saw the second line which was just a diagonal line that made me think of Jesus when he came to Earth. He came out of the Trinity. The third line was the incomplete triangle missing that one line appeared to be like the letter L which blasted into my mind as Lucifer. I could not get away from the thoughts,almost as if they were being placed there. There was so much to see and I was getting excited,everything was symbolic.

After the symbols is when I flipped through and saw the photograph. In this photo appeared to be 12 men around a table,all were dead. They had been dead a long time. Nothing remained but dust and the phrase "dust to dust" kept being run through my head like a ticker tape non-stop. In the photo is seemed as if they were going over important plans and I got the feeling they were being manipulated. Other then the men on the wall was a very huge clock which had regular numbers but the number 12 was very pronounced. I could not keep my eyes off the picture and as I looked at it the clock began to move and the hands on the clock began to move so fast there was a blur,I knew it was impossible for a still photograph do to this. I had to zoom in with my eyes because I could not believe what I saw. I was the only one who could see it. The men paid no mind to what was happening.

It was at that time I saw a head turn from one of the men at the table. He was sitting to the left but not the far,far left,in other words he was sitting to the left of the center. Just as Judas Iscariot would have been in the last supper.

When I looked at this man it was if he were alive and knew that I could see him. He was the only one at the table who's head moved and he looked directly at me. He was watching every single move I made. I seriously could not believe my eyes. None of the other men at the table moved. In my mind I knew that they were all dead souls that turned to dust with the exception of HIM. These men were long dead and gone but not this one. He was alive and very much alive just as he is today. He was fairly handsome,dark,dark hair and very fair skin with penetrating dark eyes. He knew that I knew I had opened a doorway to what is unknown to us. I was seeing something that I was not supposed to see. His head followed me from the book. I began to become terrified because the feelings were nothing that I had felt before in my LIFE!!!

I did not know at that time what I had come across. I knew it was powerful but in what way I did not at the time understand. I knew I was treading on areas I should not be.

It was shortly after that,that I heard a voice that said do not look at the 12. The voice said do you not see the symbolism,do you not feel what is happening,please listen carefully. And so I turned my head but before I did it was if my head was glued to his face. As I watched on he picked up a glass,almost as if in celebration and took a drink. I could not remove my eyes from him until I saw the blood run out of his mouth and saw him tilt his head back in laughter. The laughter echoed through my soul and gave it a chill I never experienced in my life. All while this was going on I saw all 12 zodiac signs floating in mid air,12 men sitting in a chair and 12 men that began to stare,12 planets floating in the air. This is all I kept hearing.

I turned my head and this voice that came to me like a washing of warm water and was soothing said to me "look away and stare into my eyes".I looked and what I saw was an angel both male and female but no ordinary angel. This was the angel of death filled with what we never expect,love. Love for the human race. As I became comfortable with a great story was told to me because with out it the Angel of Death knew a partial human could go a little nuts from the information.

I soon learned what I already thought but much more,everything is connected,symbolism,the planets,the number 12 and even the triangle. What I did not know was that this man who still walks today uses and manipulates many and it is getting worse. There is beginning to be no in-between anymore. Everything is either black or white,good or bad and a shift is now beginning to happen. The humans of the Earth are being sorted into categories. Most of them helpless and can only go with the flow.

I was told to close my eyes and so I did. I felt something go inside of me and fill my skin as if I was now sharing a body. Then I heard a a voice that said to open my eyes and hold out my arms. I did and felt something step out of my body and looked to see this Angel of Death placing items in my hands. They were to be passed he said. I refer to him as a he but it is actually both. In one hand was a watch with the hands spinning and he asked me to stop the spinning of the hands and so I did. In the other hand was a ring which holds all the supernatural of the world. The rings and the watch do the same thing,control the evil,give supernatural ability and sift the good from the evil. I was told that the good are under severe attack,the darkness is winning but not forever, The angel said it was now time for the hidden and ancient supernatural power to become unleashed.

What I was given was two rings and a watch. The watch is on my website and the ring can only be found here on Ebay. The other ring I have kept. This ring comes from the infernal order or the commission on the great divide. The commission is the 12 and the divide is the armies they are forming and will be formed in a time close at hand. In war we must arm ourselves with the most powerful of the ancient magics and that is what this is. The ring is meant to be disguised as is the watch but the all seeing eye gives it away. This is real gold with two stones,I did not test it for a diamond but that is what I think it is. The black stone I believe to be Onyx. Again,black and white magic. It will do both because as when humans were created they have free will.

If your on one side of the Divide,white light this will protect you and arm you with extreme power which I can not explain and you will not comprehend at this time until it is in your possession. This is the same for the watch not being offered here.

This listing is for the watch and picture..

The website offers the picture and the watch. Sorry but I can not give out the website address as it is against Ebay rules.


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