Here's the thing.  The Catholic Church has been involved in cover ups ever since it's inception some 2000 years ago.  Even before Jesus came down from Heaven to pretty much shake up the world and the way things are run, there has been cover ups in the church.  The higher ups in the church tend to only teach those things that are convenient for their situations.  Given the fact that it is estimated that some 2.18 BILLION people use some form of the Bible as their religious basis, you can see how those who are in charge of constructing such a book have a lot pull.  Even though the Bible is supposed to be the holy words of God, there have been times when some less than honest men arranged the Bible in such a way that could control the people.  Tithing, for instance, allowed the church ti impose taxes against the church so that way the rich (who in those days were the church elders) could live off of the money that other people worked hard for.  If you think about it, that's not really much different than America these days. 

The first official Bible was canonized at a meeting called the First Council of Nicaea.  It was put together, again, by those who were of power and influence.  It was canonized and accepted as the most official guide on the knowledge of how to worship God.  Some books were added and others were omitted.  The fact of the matter is that at the end of the Council Meeting, the official version of what was to be acceptable as the Bible-- the Old Testament anyhow-- was brought to fruition.  Since many of the Gentiles of the times didn't speak a lick of Hebrew, the Books were also translated into Greek.  More was added to it and the new product was called the Septuagint.  Most of the time, however, early Christians merely practiced religion based off of oral tradition and their interpretations of the knowledge of God and the nature of Christ. 

In these old beliefs, people believed in a system of duality, whereby those who obtain the secret hidden knowledge could, themselves become like Gods.  It is important to understand the validity in their case.  Abraham was never sent forth to spread the word of a Messiah.  Rather he was sent forth by the Chaldeans as a Teacher of the Way... the Way meaning an ancient and systematic magic that the Chaldeans used on a regular basic.  It came from the gods and were the hidden teachings of the universe-- of astral magic and alchemy and how to control those elements that naturally occur around you.  It allowed you the knowledge to use these things to your advantage to achieve an awakening that would make you like a demi-god yourself.  Yes, the power came from God.  Yes, God planned on sending a messiah to awaken us.  However, in the beginning the whole point of Abraham going forth was because he was sent to teach the Way to the world, this way they would be saved into the light magic and not wither away to be taken over by the lords of the dark places... aka Satan and His demon kings (or all those other dark entities you've ever read about.)  It was supposed to be an important exodus of the human mind, to attain real knowledge and power.  However, these teachings were hidden by Athamasius of Alexandria, when he determined what made the final cut for the Bible.  He decreed that any other parts of religion that were to be reported as true were to be  considered apocryphal, an abomination to the church, and illegal to possess.

The Gospel of Thomas was found by a peasant, in a cave, in the year 1945.  Had Athanasius been alive he would have cried treason as soon as the book was open.  These are teachings that the religious leaders have always known about, but have never told a single soul other than those who needed to be entrusted with the information.  This is because they hold SOOOO much control over the masses, that if they actually gave a point to Christianity other than the "you have to go to church and donate money and listen to what your priest tells you to do or you're going o hell" mentality.  In fact, it sheds more of a light upon the duality of existence, such as the beginners of Christian religion believed.  Everyone is part man, but everyone is part God, as well.  The thing is that Jesus was not just a Man-God he was the Son of God, which is why he was so much more powerful than the others.  These are the teachings of Christianity they try to withhold from you, because they fear that if you could really open yourself up, then you would no longer need their rule.  Then, they'd lose their money and they wouldn't be able to exert their power over you anymore.  The clerics would wither away to non-essential because everyone would be on an equal playing field; but these were the intentions of God all along-- to share the power, not hoard it from people and use it to control them. 

The Gospel of Thomas shed's a different light on the life of Christ, whereby this dual nature of all mortals is illustrated.  At the young age of 5, Jesus became angry with another one of the children in his village.  What would Jesus Do?  Well, he would push him off a roof, of course.  There are those what would say this preposterous!  What a thing to say about the Messiah!!  Well, read on.  When the parents of the child saw what Jesus had done, they went to complain about it to Joseph.  Joseph scolded Jesus, but Jesus rebuked Joseph informing him that Joseph was only the mortal father, not His father in Heaven.  According to Jesus he had done this to prove a point.  With the village looking on, he touched the child and the child came back to life. 

Then Jesus told the village, at the age of 5, that they too could be like him.  They could do what he could do.  In other words, he was telling them that if they reached inside of themselves, they could also possess the duality that he possessed-- the ability to be both God and Man, to take and to give life.  That if they really searched within themselves they too, could find the ability to resurrect the dead and to become an immortal.   However, this lesson of truth didn't sit well with the villagers, who were so used to the same old "or else!" rhetoric.  It was like they were afraid to even ponder it.  After all, It was indeed a lesson of truth, but it was banned, because the Elders of the Church didn't want to people finding out about the true nature of being a human being.  We were all created in God's image-- this means we were created to be like him.  His son was sent to teach us the truths and the fruits of the spirit-- in other words how to unlock our inner self and inner being.  However, the teachings of this man have become so perverse by the Catholic Church and other religious clerics that we have been feeding off a line of lies for so long! 

This piece if a very high profile item.  It has come from the secret vault beneath the Vatican.  Well, there are actually several of these hidden vaults beneath the Vatican and this item came from one of them.  Nevermind how I got the item.  This item holds all the secret knowledge that Christ brought with him to Earth, tried to teach, but has been lost in translation or hidden from the masses.  This piece will allow you to know that Jesus Christ was more of a soul alchemist than anything, sent as a savior to help us reach enlightenment.  We all have the power to rise things from the dead and to breath life into inanimate things.  It is the power that is inside of us that has been given to us by God.  We all have the ability to become immortal.  We can break free of the cycle of death, just by accessing our inner being and knowledge that was placed into us by God.  There are many other talents (that is God given power and ability) that are hiding inside of you, waiting to be released.  You just have to know how to do it. This is the point of this piece.  It releases the energy of truth throughout your entire body, that way the alchemy of God can pass through you.  When it does, you will transformed into a Man-God, just as Jesus was.  Only then, will you know all the talents that your body is capable of.  Only then will you be purified and deified with the white fire baptism of God.  It is the Deepest Hidden Secret within us all, but with this piece, it doesn't have to be a secret anymore!  Enliven yourself now!  Get this piece today!


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