This is a little off the wall but once you do it,you never go back. Ring must be worn in order to work. You may wear on any finger or on a chain and it is able to be sized. This is 10k gold with at least a karat of Amethyst. This is a sparkler. Sitting the ring down you can see all sorts of color reflecting from it. Beauty is great but what this does is something special. Every time you wear this during sex you get cash. Sure it sounds like prostitution but it's not. You can do it with yourself,your neighbor or your lover. Anyway you do it you will gain cash. Cash comes in many forms,bills being paid or lowered,new found winnings and even gifts. Why did it come to this? His name was Harbone,last name his first I don't know but he was a Demander which meant that he ran street girls. He will call you his Dollymop,one of his women. You can ignore it and he is not violent now,he used to be but this is how he is having to pay for his sins in life. The magic he uses is called Bone and bene which means wealth and all good things. Sometimes you will hear him yell out 'NOT THE CRAPPER!" The crapper meant to be hung to death and it is how he went. He is deeply remorseful now but some habits die hard. So bang away because you won't go to the crapper.
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