God gives very special gifts sometimes and these gifts are not to be taken lightly or for granted.  Sometimes the simplest blessings can be overlooked or taken for granted.  It is these types of people that end up with hardened hearts.  If you read the Bible enough, you know what happens to the people with the hardened hearts.  That's why you definitely want to appreciate any simple form of power that God sends to you as a blessing.  This is one of those examples of Power.   It is the Butterfly Angel Necklace.  It is called that because it contains the likeness of four angels that God sent from Heaven to Earth as divine Protectors.  When you wear this necklace, the Divine Four, as I like to call them, will walk by your side, invisible to the human eye.  They will lead you down the right paths of life, to keep you on the straight and narrow path of light and righteousness, so that way you may inherit the Kingdom of Heaven.  They will also keep you safe from things like Demonic Possession, evil spells, dark powers and magic, etc.  You don't want to pass this item up!  It's all the protection you'll ever need!! 

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