One of the strangest photos ever taken of space is that of the eagle nebula. The photo itself is supposed to show viewers the birth of a star from gaseous clouds. However, when the photo was shown on CNN, hundreds of calls came in from people reporting they could make out a face in the clouds. When they brightened up the photo, a large human like figure can be seen floating in the clouds. Although scientists are unable to explain this phenomenon, through our knowledge of advanced alien magics, we were able to establish a communication link between us and the mysterious aliens occupying the eagle nebula using a piece we empowered with thought traversing magic. <br /><br />

These aliens are very knowledgable when it comes to the universe. They even knew about earth! In order to ask them questions, you must first establish a mind connection with the aliens. For this, you'll be needing the piece itself, a piece of white paper, and a writing utensil. On the piece of paper, draw a large circle with a smaller one inside, and a smaller circle inside of that one. Be sure to make the smallest circle just around the size of the piece since the piece will be placed there. Place the piece inside the smallest circle, and now your ready to begin communications. <br /><br />

With the piece in the center circle, take one hand, and place your fingertips in the outer circle. Your hand should look as if its sheltering the piece. Now remain still, as the communication lines are opening, and the thought traversing magic is starting to enter your mind. After 2 to 3 minutes of remaining still, turn the piece of paper, with your fingertips, horizontal. Now ask away! Any questions you have about the mysteries of the universe will be answered for as long as your hand remains over the piece, just remain as still as possible and focus your mind on the questions you are asking. The universe is a mystery no longer with this thought traversing piece!

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