Have you always wanted to be able to generate the ultimate sensation to your vagina --- or grant the sensational tantalizing appeal to anothers private area? This is thee ULTIMATE sexual impaled piece! This was created by a sex shrew that studies the genitals and how different sensations trigger responses. Toe curling endeavors will embed upon your body and you will be able to pleasure others as well.

This curves with a horn shape and an inner creation of the inner canal of the vagina. You have never experienced pleasure like this -- as when you wear this piece you will be encompassed with the agility and strong forces of pleasure that radiate from this piece.

Extreme for a woman, but will encompass the abilities for a man to pleasure their lover as well.

Incredibly alluring, the testers gave this 5-stars --- as their hormones raged and their bodies expelled illusive regressions of complete desire!

We were lucky enough to get a piece like this made again... the pink penant is vivacious and intense and makes a great gift for you, or a loved one!




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