There are a few of these pieces and they are sort of like soul mates that dies tragically. They hold power to fade in and out and be seen. With that comes many other abilities as in spirit communication, touch and healing and the ability to manifest into full physical beings that will meet you and be your soul mate. This is done naturally and the item should be work or carried with you. These all came from what is known as the holding plains. These are soul mates that could have been brought back to the earth we live in but became faders due to the sadness they felt in death.

We got these items during a seance when someone came through and said they were a fader which is the closest you can get to invisibility. They stayed by waiting to be pulled through again. They do not have to be reborn, they are already here but live in both the real of death and life waiting for the soul mate they seek.

When I say they will become physical they do and they stay once you take the item they are attached to. This magic takes some time but it happens and they have been tested. Once you meet the soul mate you will be with them forever. The people that should be interested in this are those that know they have had good past lives with someone or those that may have not. If you have not your fader or soul mate will be found for you. These pieces are all antiques.

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