This piece is sterling silver and gold with the eye of the Furfur. This spirit commands 26 legions of other spirits of all types. This type of spirit is considered an Earl but you had to be careful of him because he never told the truth unless a great magician could contain him in a circle forever after calling him into a triangle. Yes this is a bit complicated and why these things should be left to us here at HC! Once this is done the Furfur becomes/takes the form of an angel. This angel will only speak the truth and gives to you what you ask or commands other appropriate spirits under his command to do the work for you. One of his personal specialties is creating great wealth and fulfillment in doing so. The other is for creating one of the greatest loves between a man and a woman. This type of love goes unchallenged,burns with a passion and most importantly is REAL! This is no mind control in this magic in the love derpartment,both parties love under free will. This is one of the hardest magics around. There are many spells for love,passion and getting who you want but this one makes it real! In fact this is the only piece I have that does this. You might ask how does one create free will? Maybe it doesn't,maybe it works in a way that a destiny is changed for the soul mate? I really don't know but what I do know is that it works. An example of the wealth part is that i was working with a man to sell this very expensive item,much,much,much more then a transformation. I knew he needed this and he knew it too but it was not one of those items I was going to part with unless I got a price that said,okay I will sell this. I also wanted to keep the item for a little while to empower other pieces with it and I got that in the agreement as well. So all in all I can say I'm a very happy camper and it also part of the reason we are having august sales month. This piece would have been 2,000 we really cut it down so enjoy.
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