The Gates Of Hell/F*

Right outside Uniontown, PA you will find the Gates of Hell. The Gates of Hell are located along Tent Church Road. The gates barricaded a small house that used to sit back from the road; a young couple was noted to live in the house. The man was known to be unstable and killed his wife and then burnt down their house. After doing this he then killed himself. Since this occurred the spot has been rumored to be haunted, by the spirits of the couple.

One of the spirits is said to be angry while the other one is just there. The circumstances of the haunting are, If you go down to the gates and park beside them on certain nights, and just sit there, you will see and hear unexplained things. People have reportedly heard the sounds in the air of many different voices chatting at once. The sounds of laughing coming from the the air just behind the gates, has also been heard. Some of The sightings have been of balls of light, shadows, and white mist. In addition others claim to have been touched in various places, by something unseen, while here at midnight. There are times when nothing will happen, and other times when the unexplained will take place.

Of course we took the ride down and investigated! We pulled up just as it was getting dark and parked beside the gates. We were sitting there and our spirit equipment was going chaotic. We were sitting there for about 20 minutes, viewing and listening when we started to hear what were the sounds of several voices talking at once. We then also saw shadows of light and orb like spheres shooting behind the gates. I was a bit scared, but we made a pack that we would all get out of the car and search the lands.

We climbed over the gates and snuck on to the posted grounds. The feelings of intensity filled all of us, I kept feeling like I was having trouble breathing. Deedee started getting visions of the tragedy; she kept getting pulled back further and further into the woods. The rest of us were following behind Deedee and witnessed as she stopped abruptly; she said 'here, here is where she wants me to be', we all looked at one another questioning what she was talking about.

Deedee was forecast and filled with the voice of the woman who was murdered by her husband; she wanted Deedee to find something for her. Deedee stopped at the spot and knew something was hidden in that area. Steve ran back to the car to get a shovel and when he returned we started to dig. We found a treasure of jewelry! The woman told Deedee that she was having an affair with a jeweler for years and he showered her with gifts; she had to hide the jewelry so her husband wouldn't question where it came from. She had a small box under a tree in the woods beyond the house where she would keep her treasures hidden. Her husband started to get a clue about the affair; the woman was sick of hiding it and after 4 years she let it slip. The man in a rage killed his wife and then burnt the house down; he was then remorseful and felt immense guilt and killed himself.

The woman used Deedee because she felt her sensitivity; she wanted the jewelry to be found so they could be treasured and adored. Once we opened the box, a blue orb flew into the box and emerged the items, this was the woman's spirit.

We have tested these pieces to see what they will do now that they are evoked with a spirit. They are immensely power packed with eternal secrecy and desire. You will gain protection from guilt based freedoms that normally cause stress and strain on your life. Her life was contaminated and she couldn't be happy or free because of her unhappy marriage; these jewels are the symbols of the life she wanted and the times she adored with her lover.

A small piece of her spirit entered each item and empowered them to help those who wear them find happiness in life or escape their negative and lonely lives with the help of her soul now being at peace.

The Gates of Hell now only are haunted by the lonely, unstable spirit of the man who didn't give enough love to his wife~!

We only have one piece left because we thought these would be good for Christmas gifts since we know so many who could benefit from it. What we found is that each person would see an orb when they first use it/wear it. They have been extremely helpful and I think you will find them useful as well. This piece we have left we call the love man and he has an added bonus of bring true love and a soul mate to you.
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