This piece is made of stainless steel and is for men only. This takes the power in each man as if he was the first born on Earth and uses the Ley Lines of ancient places and ,megaliths including what is considered the cave of treasure and Eden.

These Ley Lines are power grids and allow psychic energy from all planets,stars and extraterrestrial to embody and open your mind so you can tap into that power.

The abilities are to many to list but I will give you a few and some of what you will experience.

Your Life Waves become so energetic,these are your spiritual atoms,what you become when dead. You can't tap into this until then but with this item you can. if your destined for divinity as a free soul then you will have that now and etc.

You gain the intellect of the 8th sephirah,this comes from HOD the male form of the tree of life.

You get the fire sanctuary which is the continuation and the education of the soul in magic. This never goes out and in you will now be turned on.

There are also the regular abilities that humans should now have down but don't,psychic,healing,telepathy and all the rest.

This is the only one I have because even though one can travel and make more you can only do one at a time. I was lucky to get this one.
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