HOPKINS HAPPENINGS A notorious, self-styled, "witchfinder" Matthew Hopkins... was the son of a Puritan minister and mounted witch-hunts in Suffolk, Norfolk, Essex, and Huntingdonshire. His career began when he discovered members of a local coven, searched their bodies for the "Devil's Mark" and realized that he could earn a living by reporting witches to the local authorities. Hopkins subsequently decided to purge the whole of East Aglia of witchcraft and went from village to village seeking those accused of "bewitching" their fellows. He employed the notorious technique of floating witches in a pond...and since water was associated with Christian baptism, it was assumed that the pond would reject a witch and make her float~ A person innocent of witchcraft would sink... possibly even drowning in the process! Hopkins was at the peak of his career between 1644 and 1646, but was finally forced by public pressure to desist fro his brutal campaign. The efforts of his calling was thought to have caused the death of over 200 innocent people. The implication of his practice was good-natured, as he did have a calling and gift. He was pulled to certain areas and did generate the embark of witches -- but he was mistaken on his reasoning. He was called to be blessed with the magic and forte of witchcraft, not demise those who performed it. Once getting the pull and being in the right location -- his negative aura warned the witches and they would derive spells to make him sense the wrong people... thus showcasing his track record of innocent deaths. In his own death his spirit came forth and regimented a realization of what occurred. He now is a finder of true witches, but for aspects of gaining power and blessings! He is invoked into this piece and will help you channel the realms and feel the linear energies of power that will enrich your life both physically, and astrally, by the installments of power that resonate in the Universe through witchcraft! Never wonder who practices occult magic again, as you will have the connection piece to help you merge with those who have the same calling and desires as you -- this is a great piece to help you blossom your occult natures as you will find purists who hold extreme knowledge and power~! THIS WHITE LIGHT GLOBE HAS BEEN SET INTO A FULLY ADJUSTABLE RING. IDEALLY THIS PIECE SHOULD BE ONE SIZE FITS ALL, BUT IF YOU HAVE SAUSAGE FINGERS LIKE I DO, IT'S PERFECTLY ACCEPTABLE TO USE THIS PIECE AS A PENDANT ON A CHAIN! HAPPY TRAVELS!
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