According to an Iranian newspaper, a man stroke confidently into a bank in Teheran and began to help himself to wads of banknotes.

He was quickly overpowered.

In court, he said he paid a "holy man" to make him invisble --- thus he was going to use the empowerment to become rich by stealing.

Greed of the credulous caused him to be caught. The item the holy man gave to him was seized by the police and later put up for auction, we got it!

The piece was indeed strengthened to grant the invisibility --- and the reason it did not work was due to the man being greedy.

I note this often, but it is true, greed defies the embraces of power and magic that you utilize and try to work with.

This has been tested and will work great for you to be invisible, which can be used to help you in many ways --- such as to learn information, find out things others say when you are not around, etc.

Simply you cannot be greedy and try to rob others when you are invisible, or the enchantment will showcase you to others~

Used correctly and in the right way, this will work fast and do wonders to grant you limitless possibilities!

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