The Mage Dream Walker

I obtained this piece from a professor friend of mine that teaches at the University of Cambridge. He is a professor of paranormal research there, and thus has exposure to resources that somebody in a more normal, less prestigious occupation might have access to. To can rest assured that he fully utilizes the resources that are at his disposal, as a means of investigating paranormal happenings in England, as these happenings seem to be part of the country’s natural surroundings.

Anyway, he went on an investigation in a quaint town in North Devon. This small town, Clovelly, is an olden town renowned for its quaintness and subtlety. My professor friend was called in on an investigation as a favor to a local resident. The resident had received an inheritance from an unknown, deceased relative. As a result to came into contact with the piece that you can observe above. The piece was sending her strange dreams and seemed to emanate a certain energy, which she couldn’t identify. My professor friend from Cambridge could tell the piece was bewitch, but couldn’t put his finger on what was going on, so he sent the piece to me.

I cannot confirm where he comes from, but I was able to determine that this piece embodies the piece of an ancient mage of dreams. With this piece you will be able to obtain all his powers. You will become a dream walker and with this ability you will be able to enter peoples dreams and enter their minds. If they have any powers, you will be able to transpose those powers to yourself, leaving behind a void spot in the persons memory. In this way, you will be able to obtain, virtually, any power that you wish. You will also obtain the Mage’s ability to perform ancient sorcery and will hit a 100% success rate in spells you cast and potions you brew. As protection from possible retaliation, this piece contains a spell that alter your brainwaves superior to others, leaving them indecipherable, and unable to be entered. This ring is adjustable and I believe it is sterling silver as it looks it and there has been no color change.

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