The New Thought

We are all souls inhabiting a physical being. Deep within our layers of flesh, bones, and organs, we exist in spiritual form. This spiritual form is what will allow us to communicate on higher plains when we die. And let’s not think of death as something morbid. Let’s think of death as a metamorphosis that takes place when our physical, creepy-crawly bodies transpose into our beautiful, spiritual butterflies. Then, and only then, will we receive truth, divinity, and understanding.

Okay, well what if I told you I could offer you that ability now? It would certainly help you live your life in more decent way. Well, that is exactly what I have to offer you. The piece that you see above come from a sect of religious clergy who identify with the New Thought religion. This is a religious understanding that elevates the soul and views “god” as infinite intelligence. These people have been able to take it a step further and develop a type of magic that will open up your sense, now, while you are still in physical manifestation.

What you are receiving is a piece that will interact with all seven of your chakras, aligning them perfectly and allowing for the ability of advanced psychic empowerment, that will allow you communicate with spirits on a higher plain, receive holy indoctrinations about the coming and ending of mankind, and perform holy incantations and divinations to cleanse and cure people of their bad spirits that are causing evil, iniquitous ways. You will receive the divine mystique of the spiritual ancients that will render you and omniscient and omnipotent spiritual oracle and source of incredible magic. Act now, as these pieces will go quickly, if you don’t.

These pieces were made using the powers of the Peacock angle one of the most powerful and secret.

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