From time to time, when we are testing pieces, they require to travel among the realms.  Sometimes we just experience the realms themselves, sometimes we will come into contact with beings.  However, the best experiences come when we travel among the realms and we can tap into powers and bring them back. It's like a win-win situation.  Not only were we able to successfully use the item, but we were able to bring back additional powers and/or items with us.  This happened to Jason and I the other night while we were in the process of testing an astral travels piece that Raviniska had sent for us.  The experience with the piece was amazing, but the web that we managed to unravel during the journey was even more amazing. 

Jason and I used this piece to travel across a multitude of realms.  We wound up in one particular realm that kept calling out to us like a whisper in the wind.  Entrance into the realm proved to be a very invigorating experience, as we were blasted with a pure energy flow as soon we arrived inside the confines of the realm.  We were greeted by entities that weren't physical, as some of them are.  They were spiritual, formless entities who communicated with us on via telepathic sparks of energy. We soon discovered that the reason the entities are formless is because this realm is such that you use the free-flowing unadulterated energies to create your very own reality.  The realm that we discovered is the Next Level, led by two entities, that while in there mortal existence were thought of as people who were bat-shit crazy.  Their names?  Marshal Applewhite and Bonnie Nettles.  You may remember them as the mortal leaders of a group of individuals known as Heaven Gate. 

The objective of Heaven Gate was to obtain complete spirituality and ascension of the soul.  Who you are and where you held you personal beliefs depended on the ascension that you achieved.  It was personal thing.  However, towards the end the leaders of this group began manifesting truths to their followers, giving them mandates and edicts that they had to follow in order in order to achieve a full ascension.  After the death and passing of Bonnie Nettles, Applewhite was able to use his strong spirituality and psychic connection to continue communication with Bonnie. She passed him doctrine and knowledge from the Next Level, attempting to explain the phenomenon that was Halle Bopp Comet. Unfortunately, Marshall misunderstood what Bonnie was attempting to convey.  Although, the comet was bring with a fortitude of energy, from Marshall's point of view you had to have already been a spirit to access these powers.  From what he understood, all the spirits on Earth would be taken up in a spacecraft to further their spiritual journey.  This was to happen in 1997 when the Halle Bopp Comet pass Earth.  He mistakenly organized a mass suicide, prompting his follower to commit suicide by taking barbiturates and drinking vodka while covering their heads with plastic bags to induce asphyxiation.  The people of the Heaven Gate Movement believed that this would put them into spiritual form, so they could hop aboard their UFO and begin their spiritual journey. 

I'm not sure where the messaged got misconstrued, but Marshall got it all wrong.  The comet that came so close to Earth was going to be sending a ripple in Existence, which would allow any person wise enough to access the powers to slip through the ripple of energy into the next level in their physical or spiritual form.  They would be fully ascended, taking a new form, which actually is a form at all.  Rather, all entities who enter this realm are immediately given their new existence-- a free form mass of energy, whereby they are connected to what is known as the Universal Mind which is the controller of all energetic forms and properties.  In the Christian religion, this would be known as God.  Other religions have other names for it.  They all translate the same.  The Next Level is, therefore, essentially a free form realm of Heaven, whose entities are able to create their own Heaven-- their own reality.  It is neither life nor death. It is just mere energetic existence.  No good or evil exists there; no light or dark.  It is pure connection to the Universal Mind, in which you create your own existence... like a blank piece of paper and some crayons to a four-year-old.  You can color your paper however you want!  The 39 souls from Heaven Gate did reach their eventual destination by slipping through the ripple in spirit form.  However, there were others who knew about the phenomenon and slipped through as well!  There are quite a number of entities that exist here in peace and contentment, in their own form of reality.  Some link together to form multiple interlaced realities called a Reality Hub, where they exist together.  There really no restrictions on how the power from this realm are used. 

I have some good news.  Entities in this realm have achieve complete liberation from any type of form or existence.  They can travel in and out of this realm at their own discretion, which is how Jason and I managed to get back.  We have been given energy to be able to travel back into this realm if we desire.  We were also given this one piece.  It used to be a humanly possession of one of the free forms that exist in this realm.  She has graciously given this item to us. It is empowered with all the energies of this realm.  It contains the powers of the Halle Bop comet.  It will recreate a Ripple of Existence for you, that way you may travel into this realm.  However, when you go you must go in spiritual form.  You will also be given the ability to come and go into the realm as you choose.  When you are in your free form you can live out your other existence as you choose.  You can use this piece with a friend if you want to create your own Reality Hub or you can join a pre-existing reality hub.  You will gain a connection to the Universal Mind, which will allow you encounter free flowing energy and powers.  You will be able to brink the connection to the Universal Mind back to the mortal realm, whereby you will be able to manifest your powers and abilities that you accrued in this realm as well.  You will be given the knowledge of all forms of energy and power.  The Next Level has no restrictions or existence of time, so when you return to the mortal realm with no time lapse whatsoever-- it will be as if you never left!!

This piece is a very powerful tool that will allow you to leave reality for a bit to travel into your own reality-- that you exist as you want to be in an reality that you create with the powers of the Universal Mind.  We have tested this item also... Those stories are too long to tell, but believe me-- we all agree that this is an incredible opportunity to live out the reality you've always wanted and never had!  You will also be able to use this piece for acquisition of powers, as described above!  It is a win-win-win piece!  Don't miss out on this opportunity!!



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