This is a real shrunken head,not a replica! This is something I came across while in New Orleans. I did not get it from the French Quarter but outside in a neighborhood called Bywater. This is where I went to meet with an authentic Voodoo Priest.

I learned where to go and who to see along with how fake most of the stuff is in the tourist area which we were not there to do anyway. We were in New Orleans for a few things. Filming with Anthony and a service for some of my customers. When that was over Steve,Jason Lindy and I went on a few investigations. One was of a zombie child that was discovered during hurricane Katrina and the other was of a serious vampire. We taped these events and at one point the energy was so strong that the camera cut off.

There are many omens and psychic feelings that people should pay attention to. For one we hired a carriage woman to take us to parts of town that no tourist would dare go. Because of this we got the most amazing video and pictures to share with you. We went into the real graveyards where vampires and other things have been interned. We could have been shot or killed but we survived. However when we were done our carriage was hit by a truck!

When we first set out to go to these above ground places of burial it was late at night and as our horse moved along I began to get a very bad feeling. I wanted to ignore it but couldn't due to what I began to see.

First I saw a huge building that said on it "things to do before I die" hmm......... Then I saw a picture on a building that showed a man who was murdered,shot in the eye. Then the horse really wanted to not move as we got closer. We decided to turn back. If it was just me I would have kept going but with all the others with me I didn't think it was a good idea to place them in danger.

We headed out the next morning and when we got to the graveyards they all tell you to stay out of the horse REFUSED to go inside. There was nothing we could do to get him to move. We have this on video as well. Steve's body was taken over by more then one person and Lindy became possessed. We have video of all of this as well.

Anyway to get back to the shrunken head it came from a voodoo priest hidden deep with in the Bywater housing section. This is where the real magic happens. This comes from some tribe in the amazon and we do know that they are no longer doing real heads but this one is special! This was used by the Bywater voodoo priest to call upon all the saints as well as any spirit she needed to get what she wanted. This is a DUAL magic piece,one of a kind and extremely powerful. This would be the only chance you get to own one of these.

To use this piece you would light a candle and if calling anything other then a Saint you would also set out a shot glass of alcohol as well. The head takes on a possessed body and grants what you need or does what you need it to do. There are no limitations because you are asking for the right entity to do what you need.

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