THe Origins of the Boreaux Coven: Kaun-Yin

This guy is a man of few words, because he believes that wisdom comes from within and people who talk to much are foolish. He can come off a little bit stand-offish at times, but I guess that can be customary with ancient Chinese Buddhist. I'm not sure, because this is the first time that I have ever come across a Buddhist as old as what he is. He is an original sixteenth century Buddhist, raised in the wilderness of China.

He goes by the name Kuan-Yin, and was drawn to the coven via a religious dharma, or holy vision from the Buddha that was handed down to him. Kuan-Yin learned to be very spiritual at a young age. He was born to parents that were less than perfect, even for their times, and was abandoned and left for dead. He was adopted into the confines of a Buddhist Monastery at the young age of five and thus has a tremendous amount of experience in achieving spirituality.

In fact, Kuan-Yin can boast of a feat that is a rarity, even unto the most practiced Buddhists. You see, Kuan-- this is what the coven calls him, his nickname if you will-- was always very stand-offish, even at a young age and retreated to his mind for comfort and an explanation for existence. Thus, he was always in sync with his body and his place in his surroundings. This provided a basis for self realization and spirituality. Kuan adopted the Fourfold Path and the Eight Noble Truth's as his own at the age of twenty-two. Soon after he achieved what is known as Nirvana. Nirvana is a term coined to describe a place or state characterized by freedom from or oblivion to pain, worry, and the external world. It is the goal of all Buddhists and most don't reach this stage until late in life, if they even reach it at all. He is in a constant state of spiritual oneness and Nirvana. He holds dialogue with the gods on a regular basis, during which he receives divine inspiration for the world, as well as, holy messages and commandments.

This is how Kuan came into contact with the Coven. It seems as though, there are a multitude of positive light gods that have banded together in an attempt to keep the ever growing and increasing evil contents of the underworld at bay. They are appealing to a common cause, and thus, Kuan was sent to use powers given to him from the gods to assist in the Coven's hold on the portal between Earth and the Underworld. He has been in Bordeaux for so many years that he can now speak perfect French, a task that is hard for anyone to accomplish, but was relatively easy for Kuan, due to his inclination towards obtaining wisdom.

Now, Kuan has given me the gift of obtaining his powers and abilities, as long as I agreed that the powers will not be used to disrupt the natural balance found in nature and our surroundings. With this power you will be a knowledge sponge, soaking up all sorts of useful, and probably not so useful information. You will be able to recall this information in the most dire of circumstance, rendering you a very useful, informative tool. Along with this come the enlightenment of a Buddhist monk, and you will enjoy the rewards of Nirvana, as with Kuan's power you will be constantly in a state of spiritual oneness and Nirvana. You too will be able to hold dialogue with the gods and beings from other realms, because your third eye will be wide open and constantly searching for truths that exist everywhere, rather than just in our own small realm.

You will given the divination of the Four Noble Truths and the Eight Fold Path and they will bless you will a power known only to those who stick to them. In this capacity you will be given the ability to control destiny and all the aspects that go with it including karma, dogma, fate, etc. This power will also allow you to perform such magic that is associated with the many different forms of martial arts. However, keep in mind, that this power is not to disrupt the natural balance found in nature. If Kuan feels like his power is being used for disruptive purposes, he will reabsorb from it's beholder, rendering him or her powerless. You will receive the piece that is on display here. It is beautifully hand-crafted and holds the spiritual essence of the Buddha.

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