Orion Code and the 14th Chamber Throughout history, many civilizations have given some indication that Earth has undergone and continuously undergoes changed. Pangea is one of those indications. The ice age is another. The lost continent of Atlantis is yet enother. Today the popular belief is that the Mayan calendar has predicted the end of the world with their long-count caleddar. The fact of the matter is that the true secrets of the World exist in Egypt, in a chamber that is secret to anybody else, but myself and the few select that have been there. The chamber was built by Khufu and placed in the pyramids to line up perfectly with the constellation, Orion. So you say, "Okay, what's the bg deal? We've heard this a million times." However, this chamber is perfectly lined up tho receive direct cosmic rays from all three stars during the harvest season. THe 14 Chamber is a recovery vault, thirteen of which have already been discovered. In the other thirteen colonies, Egyptian items have been found in case of a catasclysm. They are ways to revive the culture should it become strained. However, in the 14th vault are all the energies and magics the Egyptians held. They are glue together into one Egyptian super power with the magic in the constellation, Orion. It is called the Orion Code. It also heeds information about the Earths tilt on an axis, how it will change, and how it will change again, transforming us all into superior creatures of white light spiritualism. Until then, this piece that you see here holds the Orion Code. I was actually in the 14 Recovery Vault during an astral travel, when I found the Orion Code. When I entered the vault I was greeted by three miniature crystal pyramids and seven spirit elders. The three mini crystal pyramids represented the three stars on Orion's beld. The seven spirit elders are the seven guardians of the sacred power, representing the chakras of the human body. The Orion Code is not to be taken lightly. It will allow you to both comprehend and perform the powers of the Orion Code-- that is all the magics of the ancient Egyptians. It will give you knowledge of the Earth's place in the system, including visions of how the world will enter into new ages and eras and how the people will be enlightened and informed. You will gain the ability to access the other 13 recovery vaults, which have been discovered, but which also hold other esoteric truths you might, and will, be interested in.
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