This piece was made by an elemental that I know personally.  He's actually a friend of my cousin that he met at a Wicca retreat. He is very in tune with himself and the environment that surrounds us.  He is constantly channeling the energies that are freestanding that most people don't know about, simply becuse the choose not to know.  It's not like this stuff it rocket science.  When you start realizing the energetic properties that different things in nature emit, you will be surprised to know that there is a cure or a fix for most things.  Then, there are always enchantments that you can use to enhacne your current state-of-being, which is what this piece does.

This piece is a reflection of the energies that jade has to offer.  It gives the person who uses the piece all of the properties that actual jade would bring them.  I'm not sure if this piece is real jade or not, but I can tell you that this piece for sure, embellishes the properties of real jade, because the elemental that I got to infuse it with energy is excellent at what he does.  So without further ado, let's get on with the powers that this piece offers. 

First and foremost this piece will promote prosperity many different forms.  Prosperity can be whatever you want it to be.  There really is no set definition.  Whatever you want to excel in can be considered a form of prosperity.  With that being said, to use the properity features of this item, all you have to do is meditate with the item and ask it to bring you prosperity it whatever area of your life you wish to propser.  Yes, it the literal sense of the word, this piece can bring you wealth.  However, it could also help you propser in say love, or sex, or wisdom, or beauty.

Secondly, thi spiece will harmonize your mind.  That pretty much encompasses the last three properties of jade as a natural element.  It will balance your internal heart chakra and that will provide for mental cleansing including emotitional healing and healing of the aura.  This will allow you to be more in tune with own body to help you make sounder, better decisions, which in turn will help you achieve maximum prosperity  out of your own life and what you choose to do do with it.  So in all actuality this piece has a cyclic energy that is really just going to help you prosper at whatever area of your life you wish to prosper.  

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