Wanna visit the real Silent Hill? The Pennsylvania town of Centralia is the inspiration for the town used in the video game Silent Hill. While visiting it's not difficult to see why.

This place is a modern-day ghost town and with only 7 people still living there and that number dwindling, it won't be long before it's abandoned.

The U.S. Government claimed eminent domain of the land as there is a fire burning under the town. You can see smoke and gases protruding out of openings in the ground. Even the main route through the town was rerouted because the macadam and asphalt split open, leaving large open seams with smoke billowing out between cracks in the graffiti-covered road.

You definitely feel eerie walking this scary stretch of road. You keep feeling like a car is going to come up behind you anytime. Also maybe it's the angle of the road or the smoke inhalation, but we all felt a little vertigo while walking this barren road through hell.

One of the last residents is a shrew named Orsela, she saw us there and knew we were not knowledgable of the area and came and got us. She took us to her home, which is truly a shack, and told us the history of the town. She also stated that the people who are still living there are there because they have access to the underworld of the town!

What looks like fiery pits of Hell is really a siege of glory and a place of retreat from the cold winters! The layer beneath is a world of chastised magic that holds anything your heart desires. The people who live in the physical abode of Centralia take turns guarding the abyss from above while the others are below.

The only reason Orsela told us the secret was because she sensed our psychic abilities and knew we wouldn't move on until we knew more! She granted us this piece, which gives the adorner access to this prestigious underworld.... this is not an underworld of evil, it is not Hell. This is an eruptive hidden city of glory... and we all tested the piece and have visited -- it is remarkable~!

If you ever just need an escape from the headaches of the day... want to see what it would be like to have anything you want at your fingertips, or just love the idea of being part of a rare, elite group... then this is the empowered piece for you!

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