The item your looking at comes from the Rose Red City. This item was found near the sacrificial mound under a chunk of hard dirt which looked like rock. It does not look native to the area and to me more Asian then anything, given the fact that the buckles in this piece hold asian symbols.  It also seemed to have some crusted dried blood which to me should not have been there. I say this because over time it should have fallen off. It was sent to be broke down like they would do with DNA to convert the crust back to a liquid form,it was indeed blood.The item seems to hold a life of it's own and I was told is a witching stick piece.  At one point in time, the four green segments of this piece were adjoined to the end of a witching stick, before being reshaped and used to make this braceIet.  I was not so sure of this as the area and the age would there or could there be witches in that time and area. The answer I found was yes. Going all the way back to biblical times witches have been found. This item seems to have a flair of many cultures to it. It is a four sided entity that is made out of pure jade. Each jade segment represents on living entity that will guide you to treasure and wishes.  These pieces act as a witching stick and will guide you in the direction of wealth, just like a dousing rod would lead you to water. It was in a blood sacrifice and is very powerful. It does have four entities with it,all with their own personalities.This one is powerful as it has been bathed in the blood of magical ritual.

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