The Shaman's Treasure

I obtained the piece above during a vacation to Australia. While in Sydney, I came across a few Aborigine vendors selling little trinkets by the sides of the roads and in courtyards. I felt kind of bad for them so I bought one of their little treasures for few a dollars-- probably a fortune to them. The native, from whom I bought the piece, proceeded to explain to me the powers beheld by the piece that he had just sold me. He talked of, “the ones from the sky.” He also spoke of other things, but after the first couple seconds I blocked him out, assuming he was just rambling in an attempt to get me to buy something else.

About a week after my trip to Australia, I started having really bizarre dreams. I dreamt about angels and demons, aliens, vampires, etc. I couldn’t figure out why this was happening to me and it was interfering with my life, as it limited the amount of sleep that I was getting. Then, I remembered. The piece-- the one I had bought from the Aborigine tribesman. I shook my head is disbelief, but I decided that I would test it out, anyway, to make sure it wasn’t the piece.

However, after help from Shine, Flamie, and few other team members, I discovered that the piece WAS actually enticing me to have weird dreams and that it holds the power to do so much more!! After researching the piece, it turns out that pieces, similar to this one were used by ancient Australian shamans as a means of spiritual communication and pilgrimage. What we discovered was that when you clutch the piece in your right hand and close your eyes, it opens up your “sixth sense”, so to speak, and takes you to totally new dimensions. You will be given the ability to travel through these dimensions. The sixth sense will be opened up to you and you will given the powers of the Gods and Goddesses. You will be given all of their abilities, old and new. You will be able to journey to the Underworld and obtain immortality vampires. You will have to ability to communicate with other universes. This piece acts a portal between other worlds and you will be given the power of communicating with Alien species and obtaining their secrets to their technological advances. You will be given super astral strength and you will be given an impenetrable astral shield to guide your spirit through your multidimensional journeys. Since, we have all made our journeys and can personally attest to the piece's mystifying powers and now it is time for you to make yours.

This is all sterling with tiger eye and is an open portal.
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