To Divinity and Beyond ~

Over the years, despite information being readily available due to the advances of literature through books and the internet, the prevailing attitude on things of the mind and higher consciousness are still regarded with suspicion. Which seems to be interesting since the bible, the word of God informs us of various special abilities Jesus has done that were paranormal.

A lot of extraordinary things were done by Jesus some of which are the psychic powers that we now call upon. The paranormal powers that Jesus has done to name a few are the following:

Precognition or foretelling the future was demonstrated by Jesus when he told his disciple Peter that he will deny him three times before the cock crows.

Materialization, the ability to make things appear from nowhere is also recorded in the bible when Jesus was able to feed 5,000 men with only a few pieces of bread and fish.

Paranormal healing is the most numerous demonstration of Jesus’ special abilities, he was able to heal a lot of diseases through faith.

There are still a lot of other psychic abilities that Jesus has done and these are all documented in the bible. And Jesus has said that the works he has done, man can do. Thus psychic powers are spiritual gifts from God and that people with these abilities should be admired and respected because they are instruments of God.

We have encountered hundreds of amazing divine pieces over the years, but this piece is truly exquisite! It is a piece that Emir discovered in the Holy Lands. This item holds the blessings and divine powers of Jesus. You will immediately feel the warmth of white light flood your soul when you touch this piece.

This is the answer to many prayers, an item to showcase true divine empowerment!

Testers have proclaimed encounters with Angels, new found guidance and just pure blessings in their lives.

No longer a need to fear the term "paranormal", it is a suggestive term of miraculous identity~

This piece is very old and to use it you would use it as a wax seal. You would stamp it for each ability you wish to use and with each use it gets much stronger.
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