The Sword and the Harp was a mystical weapon given to David by God. This power was given to him to help clear Saul of the demon that tormented him. This demon was one of the most powerful that any human could encounter. The only evil being more powerful and evil would have to be Satan himself. This demon has not a name we can give because just the saying it would bring it around. This specific demon is used mainly to destroy but which means is most important to those of the original one hundred and forty four thousand. These people are destined to be here at the time the earth will come into the full power of white light and God. The term white light has been so distorted itself that it is used in occult magic and Pagan rituals.
The true meaning of White Light in it's original meaning is that of God and the angelic light which shines down into the human soul. This light is given to all even those that are Athiest. It doesn't matter it is just built in.
The power in the piece will stop the soul from becoming black and remove all black spots. This is normal as we hold the original sin.
This piece is meant for members of the original one hundred and forty four thousand only. I do know if you are one of them and you do too.  You know what is coming and that you will be here for it. You would be a person that either seeks to help others or already does. You would only seek out the true white light items.
This piece holds the ultimate powers of the Sword and Harp of David, the Sacred Candleabra, and the Golden Urn of Manna. The Sacred Candleabra holds the power of the white light through centuries of liturgic ritual. It is the protection of God, and enfolds you in purest light. The Golden Urn of Manna sat within the Ark of the Covenant, and holds the heavenly Manna of the Godhead, the food of the Soul.

This piece is pure power, divine white light in its most absolute form. You will communicate with All of the Angels, and help will be given to you instantly. You may call upon specific saints and speak with them. You will be taken to the heavens and given gifts and blessings. The Great Mysteries will be revealed to you, and you will have the knowledge you need. Your life will be free of negativity and you may direct it how you wish. This piece will feed you with God's Holy Light, bringing you total enlightenment. Whatever you need  to accomplish your goals will be yours. The Sword and Harp will flash mightily to keep you free of demonic influence, evil and negativity. You will gain all the powers of a warrior angel. You will be able to right wrongs, and heal evil. The invinciblity of the White Light will be within you, and all you wish to gain, all the power the heavens possess, becomes yours.  This item CANNOT be used for darkness onto which a candle cannot shed illumination. It is only of the Pure and Good. The first picture you see is of  the item. We used this piece on various places and people,to cure,fix and heal and to absorb that which is not or should not be called magic but the power of God. PRICE IS 5,000.00  This piece can be placed on layaway and it was going to be 22,000.00 but the one time we went to use it a voice heard by all of us said to seriously lower the price and that there was a reason for that so we did. We are at this time not even covering costs of the travel and research of this piece.



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