The Tell-Tale Merkin

Okay, so let me start off by saying that this piece is probably one of the most unique pieces that I have encountered over the years. It came to me in the mail one day from one of my clients with a note that simply read, “Here you should enjoy this!” Well, I'll tell you what... I have enjoyed this piece over and over again. You will as well, you have my assured guarantee.

For those of you who do not know what a merkin is, please allow me to explain. You can think of a merkin of a sort of toupee. The catch is that is is worn on the pubic region. The origins of the merkin trace back to the 1600s, when female prostitutes would shave their pubic region as a means of lessening the chances of catching sexually transmitted disease, which were running rampant. Of course, we know today that this procedure is ineffective, but this is what they believed.

Anyhow, the people from that time period apparently thought pubic hair was attractive or it turned them on or whatever. To decorate their flossy and make themselves more appealing prostitutes would make these wigs and wear them to attract gentlemen callers. Nowadays, these pieces are worn as decorative accessories to dress up the vagina nice and pretty. This is the type of merkin that we have acquired.

The merkin that we have is an original gypsy piece from a witch gypsy in Romania. She wore this piece while she was out getting her woman on in the red light districts. This merkin has seen many mortal penises as well as many astral sex spirits. It holds the deepest darkest secrets of all the cars that have ever parked in this gypsy's garage.

You see, the reason this gypsy was so promiscuous is because it was a three win system for her. Not only could ho herself and make money, she could have fun doing it. Additionally, she enchanter herself with a unique astral power known as genital apprehension. This power is sure fire way to acquire the mystical abilities and gifts of those that you romp with.

This piece is also an astral sex piece and gives you a power that we like to call Erection Perfection. It will help keep your guy harder for a longer period of time. He will penetrate deeper and give you complete sexual fulfillment. This piece will give you a supergina that will unleash your inner biotch. You will receive the piece that you see to bring out the freak in you. To activate this piece, simply wear it and strut your stuff.

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