The Three Marys of Provence

These pieces comes from a correspondent that we have in France. He was once a monk in a Franciscan monastery, but he gave that up in favor of a more modest and liberal lifestyle. Good for him. My friend, Paolo, sent me the three pieces that you see below. He received the pieces from a monk that was higher up the monk-ladder than he was. He calls the pieces the Three Marys of Provence. He no longer has a need for them, so he sent them to me so I could run some tests on them and determine exactly what these pieces do entail. After I was done doing my research, Paolo decided that he didn’t need the pieces back, so I have decided to make them available to you.

These pieces conjure up the spirits and souls of the Three Marys of Provence. The first and foremost Mary is the Virgin Mary. She’s a sweetheart. The second Mary is Mary Magdalene, said by many to be Jesus’ partner. The final Mary is known as Mary of Clopas. As legend has it, the Three Marys miraculously ended up in the port of Provence. The Mary’s blessed the port town, and it was renamed Saintes-Marie-de-la-Mer, or the Saints Mary of the Sea.

The blessings of the three Marys were kept and handed down from generation to generation. Finally, the mystical powers of the Marys were placed into the pieces that you see below. We were fortunate enough to come into contact with the pieces. Now we are offering the pieces to you.

Let me just say that the Marys work best when kept together. They were kind of companions, or best friends, if you will. Besides, you don’t want to break the holy divination of the power of three. If we have to, we will make them available separately. You will be able to use the power of your Mary, or Marys, to conjure the powers and abilities of the saints, angels, and holy spirits. You will receive holy spirituality, allowing for profound astral travels and divine wisdom and intellect. You will receive the healing powers of the saints, exhibiting the abilities to perform cleansing rituals, perform baptisms, and cast out demons in the name of God of Heaven. You will receive divine intervention while you sleep, during which you will be given sacred dreams of the coming times, which you can use to your advantage and share the enlightenment with mankind. Remember, you will be receiving one of the pieces below, but they do work better as three.

You will save $50.00 if you purchase all three --- If you decide to purchase all of the Marys make payment for $700.00 and in the special instructions area implement that you want all three pieces and so you only have to pay $700, instead of $750.00!

**Note: The Mary of Clopas piece holds a picture of her third generation grand-daughter who also held miraculous capabilities.
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