This piece is the magical trine of Orion. This piece creates 3 dimensional holograms as the Stars intended the pyramids to do. These holograms are real in the sense that they are coming from other dimensions. In those dimensions they are alive and real and are being transported to you.

This piece shows the third eye of the Sphinx and the Gods that hold the world and create worlds. These according to this piece are many. The great birds that sit around it show the ability for your soul to do astral travel and move through all time and dimensions which are two different things. There is a top and a bottom on the inside,one which is the past lives and one which is the now and future.

To create and call the real living beings you would add a little sand to the bottom and then fill with water. Once you have done this you may ask any question and it will be answered and it is answered fast directly after you ask it. You are given full power of thought transmission and communication. You will open a door that will allow the spirits in.

This is also a dual piece and so you can turn it into what you want,dual or all white light. This piece can also be used for charging in the capacity of the great pyramids. This is a charging unlike any other.

I would say that this piece has many undiscovered abilities to it and that just holding it seems to cleanse both the body and the soul. I did a radio show one time where I was told I was a high priestess and I knew it just wasn't true. I used this to look and see to what I really was. I not only know but was transported back to that time and relived it in full. Time is different for us when traveling in dimensions of time. It was so interesting I almost wanted to stay. Being very interested in history I learned a lot. The first past life I went back to was just after Victorian times. I was no one famous but I was very psychic as I am now. I saw myself reading a paper which often happens to me and I saw the Titanic. In my transport I knew it wasn't going to do well. I saw frozen bodies. It was just weird. I knew then in that life I could also see things. What happened after I got done using it was that I held more ability in this life.

I have to say that this is one of the most fascinating items and that the communication is instant! This is even if your blocked and blind. I had three others use this piece and two could not hear or see anything and with this they could. At first because they have never experienced they asked is this what is happening and I said yes and then they went with it and were thrilled.

There is so much to tell about this one. I have not felt this kind of power in a long time. I think it comes with age and how it was made. To be a Trine of Orion,to hold that power of the very beginnings of this time and system is incredible.

One of the great things that came out of using this piece was the hologram that spoke to me and guided me beyond the magical Trine. In doing so he said if you were not born at this time you could not travel but that we all were born so we all can travel beyond the earths time. This was very informative because I lost all senses and yet knew everything. But you can only remember parts and so you have to travel often to finish the puzzle. It is done this way because you can not process all this information in the earth brain at one time.

All I can say is that I love this piece. I'm not sure if it is sterling or not but it is very,very old.
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