The White Witch and the Power of the Oak

My friend was on a camping trip in upstate Pennsylvania recently when something happened that was completely out of the ordinary. As her tale is told, she reached her destination as planned-- in the same spot, at the same time as every other year. Only this year it felt different. She pitched her tent like she normally would, but she told me that she recalls feeling an activity in the air. Not like tension, but almost like a restlessness or feeling of anxiety. She didn’t sleep very well the first night and awoke the second day with a headache.

Regardless of the headache, the trip had to move on, so the next day she and her group of fellow campers went on about their business. They hiked, swam, fished... you know, the normal things that people do on camping trips. Throughout they day, they had small, convenient meals such as canned spaghetti, spam, lunchmeat sandwiches. As was customary, though, when late afternoon set in, the group of hikers retreated to camp and everyone went about scavenging for brush wood or anything that would burn easy. It was tradition to sit around the camp fire and basically shoot the breeze. In this way they would welcome midnight, call it a night, and begin again the next day.

While doing her part in searching for firewood, my friend came across an old dried out oak tree. She wasn’t sure where it had come from beause she came to this spot every year and she never before had encountered this particular tree; and it was hard to miss given it’s size and ominous presence. Nevertheless, the tree was dead and the branches were very dried out and would make for excellent firewood; so she called to the guys and they came over and helped her dissever some of the limbs of the great oak tree. They carried the limbs back to camp and made an extraordinarily lively fire that danced and leapt for hours. In fact, the fire was so alive that it had to put out when the campers decided to retire for the night.

It was on this second night that my friends bizarre dreams began to occur. In the dream, my friend was walking through the woods, when she was stopped by a lady that resembled a tree. The lady said nothing to my friend, merely gazed into her eyes, as if she was reading my friend’s soul. The lady nodded her head, pointed due East where the Oak tree had been located. Sure enough, standing in the distance, was the old oak tree my friend had encountered early in the evening. All the other trees in the forest bowed low to the oak tree. At this point my friend turned and looked over, upon which the lady that was standing next to her turned into the massive oak tree, withered away, and disappeared. After this all the trees in the forest bowed low to her, and a wooden chariot drawn by two giant timber wolves whisked her away. That is when she awoke, in a deep sweat, and ready for night to be over and the day to begin.

On the third day of her camping trip, she felt better, and actually enjoyed tagging along. Today was a fresh start, and she figured that she might as well make the most of the trip. The day was clear, the air was crisp and she and her friends decided that today would be the perfect day for an adventure in mudding and four wheeling. That’s exactly what they did, too. By the time late afternoon approached, my friend was covered from head to toe in filthy, sun-dried, mud. After a quick dip in the nearby lake, to wash most of the mud off, it was once again time to go on a scavenger hunt for brush and firewood. Only this time is was easier, as she and her group of campers returned to the oak, cut some more fire fuel, and returned. Tonight the fire burned brighter, felt warmer, smelled better, and burned longer.

Tonight, also, the dream was more vivid. This time, when the lady peered into my friend’s eyes, there was glowing fire where pupils should have been, as if the lady was gazing into a non-existent fire that reflected in her time-worn eyes. Most of the dream continued the same, except when the ending of the dream occurred, it took a terrifying twist. Instead of just shriveling up and turning to dust this time, the lady that stood beside my friend was consumed by fire. The fire inched closer and closer to my friend. She wanted to run, but was paralyzed by the sight; the fire began to consume everything around her. There was fire in every direction, roaring with ferocity. A lone, jet-black raven appeared out of nowhere, dropping an item into her hands.

Then, from the raven arose an eloquent, smooth voice that echoed throughout the entire forest, which was now totally engulfed in flames, saying, “You are the one that I have chosen. Your name alone will be called the most powerful in all the land. The river of the ancients will fill your veins with the greatness that is your destiny. Do not deny water if your soul is thirsty. Now, go child, and fight your fate no longer.” At this, my friend, too, was engulfed and consumed by the never-ending fire. This time she shot straight up, out of bed, screaming at the top of her lungs, and trying to catcher her breath. When a few of her friends asked her what was them matter, she blew it off, telling them it was just a silly dream.

The following day went on as planned, until evening came and it was time to collect firewood. The group of campers scoped the entire area and, to their astonishment, the larger-than-life oak tree had vanished into thin air. All a bit freaked out, they collected some minor brush and called it a night early, so they could hit the road the next day.

That night, however, my friend had one last final dream. She dreamt that she was in a forest, as lush and beautiful as any she had ever encountered, strolling through on a path ornate with shiny smooth pebbles, with a brook babbling perpendicular to the path about fifty yards straight in front of her. To cross the brook, someone had implemented a bridge. Standing in all its grandiosity, this time green. lush and full of life, was the oak tree that had disappeared the night before. My friend crossed the bridge, peering up at the oak tree that seemed to ascent the entire way to Heaven. She followed that path, to a little cottage in the woods, eerily reminiscent of her childhood days and the story of Hansel and Gretel.

When she opened the door, what she encountered was the woman from before, only this time she looked young and full of life. The woman smiled and offered her condolences, but continued to explain that her spirit had been locked in the ancient oak tree by an evil sorcerer who was envious because she was, at one point, the most powerful white witch to inhabit the country.

Her soul was pretty much damned for eternity, until a group of young fledgling witches figured out a way to trick the sorcerer into blessing the oak tree with a spell that required the innocence of a pure mortal soul to light a sacred flame to burn the oak tree. Next, the mortal would have to inhale the aroma of the burning oak tree, be visited three times by me, the witch, in her dreams. Finally, the mortal has to accept the item I have bestowed upon you, which inhabits all of my powers and accept her fate. In this way, my soul will be relinquished. Unto the mortal the witches spiritual essence will begin to release, infusing her soul, and making her, once again, the greatest most powerful white witch in the country. After hearing the compelling story from the witch, my friend agreed to accept the relic, her fate, and the responsibility that goes along with it.

My friend woke up the next day feeling fresh and ready for a new beginning. The sun was shining bright and the air was crisp with the arrival of Autumn. She found the relic that had been delivered to her via the dream eagle. She smiled widely and looked into the sky. You see, together she and the witch had secretly devised a plan to trick the sorcerer. After all, their spirits combined made the strongest white magic entity to inhabit the Earth. Using a transposition spell, my friend and the witch were able to infuse the relic with the spirit of the witch, rather than my friends soul. In this way, should my friend decide not to practice witchcraft she doesn’t have to. The soul of the white witch was still relinquished. It was kind of like a double whammy, in-your-face to the sorcerer, whose soul has since been vanquished to the pits of Hell for his many acts of treachery against many people.

Soon after her trip, my friend gave me the piece that she had acquire in her dreams. I ran several tests and drew the same conclusion that the witch had passed on to her through her dream visions. The piece you see below isn’t the power of the witch, it is actually the very spiritual essence of the witch herself.

You will receive the witch’s spirit and will be able to intertwine her spirit with your own spirit, becoming one and making your spiritual being stronger than ever before possible. Once this transposition occurs you will know power beyond any means and mortal control. You will become the single most powerful white witch to have ever existed. You will gain all the knowledge of white magic and light magic. You will receive the powers of the Holy Angelic Writs, that will also bestow upon you the magical powers of the archangels and Seraphim.

You shall be exalted as the most powerful, and given the ability to permanently eliminate any evil power entity or evil power source emanating from anywhere in the world. You will be able to originate any form of wholesome, white, light, or angelic magic that you deem necessary for existence, giving you the ability to create spells, potions, and entities for the work of the betterment of existence. You will receive the piece that you see below. Use this piece to your advantage, but use it wisely; and use it for just cause. Remember, all magic is monitored by the Angel of Destiny, and that is one holy dude you do NOT want to piss off.

This item is ready to bring enrichnment and connection of spirits between you and the white witch --- this piece is extremely powerful and encaptures the most profound abilities of divination.

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