This piece comes from Mount Holy, New Jersey. The location is the Witches Well. The horror that went on there is indescribable. The place looks like a little stone shed which has an alter. In that time, it was actually the judges table where they decided if the witch would be hung. She was hung right in that same room and her body would drop down into a well that was beneath it.

They never died right away so they would kick and hit with hands until they were bloody. The place is still haunted and the part of the pole that they hung them from is still there.

At this time, there are many hauntings there and if you go you can still hear them unless you're powerful enough to bring them out of the horror they live in every day.

We have brought back who we call Samantha and she answers to it. We are not sure if that is her real name or not and we are doing research on the deaths still. What we found is that she is very active both in communication and physically. Why she will not give her real name we don't know. Everything else about her is fine.

The day we went on investigation to Mount Holy we could see so many of the spirits. They showed themselves all bloody and then would go back to normal.

When we were there with Samantha, this ring appeared on what remains of the alter. This ring is old with a green stone and is sterling silver. Through the getting to know the spirit, Samantha, while she has lived at Flamie's house, she has showed him how to use the ring which was a gift to him for taking her home. She calls the house her home now. She is also aware that she would be going to a new home. We can not keep them all because some need a home away from the trauma that other spirits may have had to endure.

The ring is a direct link to any real witch including her. These witches will do any kind of casting you need using what each of them has called "the old ways."

Things we have tested the ring with include love, wealth, court cases, threats, curses, business, school, beauty, dating, spirit communication and revenge.

This ring is dual because it will do what you ask. There is something in the ring that Samantha calls Bloodline. This is what connects you to the other real witches. Each real witch is different in her beliefs. You decide who you wish to contact.

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