This is one of my favorite pieces of magic. This is of alien origin and holds the blood,energy,aura power and releases the true DNA so that you can become what you truly are.  It is a ring and it holds a stone that has come from an ancient alien race.  It is a DNA healing stone, which is how it holds what I've just told you.  I only have one that I'm willing to sell. The other one I'm keeping because I did use it myself and it was so powerful that I could feel my blood moving as if it were alive inside of me.  I also used this on everyone in the group to see what would happen. I was not expecting the results that I got from this. In fact I was a little shocked. It seems that our origins are not what we had expected them to be.

Through the use of this piece which shows the reptilians who can either be bad or good beings, you can transform to your beginning origins,pulling out the alien strains to make them work as they should.  This works for any type of being.  To aliens we are the aliens, so this energy is really just a univesal power than type of being can use.  If you have always felt strange or know that you are different or had a life that is not like the rest of us then this might be for you.

Wearing the ring is all it takes.  We understand that it is of a smaller size, so I guess I'll say now that you can also wear this ring on a chain.  This is not something you can pass up because it is not a want but more of a need. With these strains in you you need to prepare for what is to come.

This item is not evil but it seems that the reptilians like the angels had a falling out,and these are the good beings which if you are still reading,your one of them.

This is an entire life changing event. You put into place the power of the astral and the power of the celestial world.   These worlds are now manipulated by the government to stop those like yourself from getting to a higher level,that of which you really are.  Don't be a government tool!!

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