THEY ARE NOT REALLY HUMAN,Knights of Malta Pave the Way

Personally, I can pretty much rest assured that anyone who is an avid fan of HC knows of the Knights Templar.  I mean, they are one of the most mysterious groups in history, right?  Well, yeah, they are.  However, in and around the same time that the Knights Templar were developing their own magic there was another group developing magic of their own.  The difference?  These "knights", who portrayed humans, were actually beings sent on a mission.  While these beings may have changed faces and shapes over the years, they have remained the same.  They are not man and they are not beasts.  They are the Seven Angels of the Apocalypse.  Yes, they have followers and these followers are meant to distract the attention from the original seven who spend most of their time offering incense on a golden altar at the Vatican, whose smoke rises straight to Heaven into the confines of god where the 24 thrones and 24 elders wait patiently for the Time to Come.  

These seven angels are the messengers that have been sent forth before to bear a message and to complete God's will.  Although they are never called so, they are the Seven Angels of Destiny.  To put it in humanistic terms that you will understand better, they are God's angelic henchman sent to Earth to take care of business.  They are the ones that control all the Godly influence on Earth.  They are in charge of protecting the Pope.  In fact, they are the ones that fired the last Pope and replaced him with Pope Francis.  Now hear me people, the Prophecy of the Popes calls for Pope Francis which corresponds to the name Peter the Roman.  The prophecy calls for it to be laid into place and it is the final prophecy.  His pontificate will destroy Rome and usher in the coming Apocalypse.  This is when the Knights of Malta aka the Seven Angels of the Apocalypse will begin their reign of terror upon Earth, according to God's Will  They will usher in the New Jerusalem when Heaven descends upon Earth.  

This item has been touched by one of the Knights of Malta and contains the raw powers of God.  It was used in an actual offering of incense during a dedication rite to summon the presence of God, the 24 Thrones, and the 24 Elders.  It carries with it all the knowledge of the Knights of Malta.  It will awaken the Revelation inside your mind.  No longer will the words of the Revelation be a mystery to you.  It will be like you just woke up from a long nap and you are ready to be productive.  You will be given express knowledge of things that have haunted humanity for centuries, but which have never been explained.  You will be given a literal definition of everything in the prophecy including the number 666, the mark of the Beast, the identities of the Four Horsemen, and the meaning of the beast the rises up out of the waters.  Mystery will finally part and conscious awareness will become yours at last.  You will be given the white light powers of the Knights of Malta as given to them by God.  It will allow you to play your part in the fulfilment of St. John's Apocalyptic Prophecy.  You will be able to peek into the realm of Heaven, but never allowed to see God's face.  You will be given Godly psychic abilities and will obtain visions of the times to come by the Elders.  You will be able to look upon the New Jerusalem until it falls to Earth and you attain your spot of valour within the court of the Knights of Malta! 

This is an old vintage piece with angels all around it. Being that this is old it will have flaws as in it is not new but has no missing pieces. This is a necklace and it is one of a kind and need only be worn one time. This is the only one of it's kind.

THEY ARE NOT REALLY HUMAN,Knights of Malta Pave the Way
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