What your looking is a piece that holds the powers of the ancient entity Thoth and his ancient tablets. This is the entity of Great Atlantis.

He is a keeper of records,master of all mysteries,magician and holds the magic of the Halls of Amenti.

Watered down to keep you safe he comes at you with his visual thoughts turned fossil.  He offers to you wealth from the Emerald Tablets which he holds in his hands.

This piece holds a blue crown gem of Thoth.  It is set into a sterling silver crown that is stamped as coming from mexico, but there is no telling how old the gem is or even how old the powers are.   The gem holds all of the knowledge of the Halls of Amenti and Thoth's knowledge from the Emerald Tablets

All instructions will be included in your order. This is one heck of an item for wealth and knowledge both. You are getting an Atlantean master which everyone can use.

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