Are you a sex addict? You love the intensity of a great orgasm and your mind always seems to be in one place? Well if this sounds like you -- then boy do I have something you will want!

This is a connectory surging sex item. You take the clips and attach them to each side of your underwear and spread the beads across your groin. The elevated pleasures that you will feel while this is worn is unbelievable!

It will start out slowly, but once you are aroused you will have such tingling pleasures run through your body and if you have this clipped to something you wear during sex, or self pleasure, you will have the most EXPLODING orgasm you have ever had!

This will work for both women and men -- this holds extreme sexual allure, from a sex nymph named Goela. Do NOT miss this if you want to have your eyes roll back in your head and feel your whole body move with enticing pleasure!

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