Shamanistic practices were once much more prevalent in the world, and considered a profound foundation of the tribes that believed in them. These spiritually based rituals are still found today and are revered as legitimate procedures. In the Philippines, an entrancing healer, allegedly, has the ability to materialize and dematerialize matter. The shaman will enter a mild trance, where they gain the supernatural ability to perform surgeries with little to no contact with the patient. They would then be able to remove foreign objects within the body such as glass and metal and provide alleviation from similar pains.

Some entrancing healers can pull out molars with their bare hands, while others can remove and replace eyeballs.

Fantastic portrayals have been witnessed over the centuries... and we have come about a phenomenal piece that showcases the touching of the imperial solar stone that implores the healing touch of God.

Shaman energies united with this wonderful emblem brought about the spark of granting the endower the same spectacular healing qualities.

The back of this piece scripts "Ask And You Shall Receive... Matthew 7:7" -- and that is what will be entailed for you when you ask for help healing and helping others~!!


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