Every time a human being touches something, he or she leaves physical proof of that touch. Fingerprints are the indisputable proof of a person touching an object. In our modern society, we've learned to read those physical reminders for our benefit, where it's to identify or locate a criminal or to prove someone's involvement. Paranormalists now believe that when we touch something, we also leave non-physical marks on objects as well, especiall when we are experiencing strong emotions. The ability to detect and analyze these non-physical marks is known as "psychometry" and it has existed since the dawn of time. An item we recently aquired from a notable medium who wishes to remain anonymous to our buyers has been used for decades as a way to achieve psychometry without the grueling years of training associated with the ability. Just as fingerprints are used to tell a story or give insight into a person, psychometric ability has massive implications on insight into others. Mentioning the criminal implications would be barely scratching the surface on how useful this ability can be. Those who are especially empathetic will have a slightly easier time reading the residue left by a person and developing a more vivid picture of the person, their psyche, why they were interacting with the object and at what point in time. If one wants to pick up the psychic abilities of the individual or object being read you may also do this. Instructions will be given for doing this. Some times you may feel the high energy and know it is of white light and want it,other times you will not. An example is if you own a Shamans item you may want the ability they have and you can use this forever. Once placed it is yours. The dead have no need for what they once had. Those that are still living may share in the abilities with you with out hurting the person. This is a wonderful item that gives gifts of good use.
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