In Northern York County, there's a road that is haunted by a local football team who met their fate when their bus rolled over a mountain.

These boys are sexually charged and would make women's cars break down and then they would harass them! Most of the boys were virgins at the time of their deaths and were filled with raging hormones!

Several women have said that they felt violated and the next day their breasts would hurt and they felt odd. The boys are not there to try and harm anyone, just caught in a realm and horny. We captured 5 of the guys into this bracelet... by persuading them with the 5 Goddesses that are within the stones... the guys came forth and only 1 could be coupled with each woman.

This piece is now an orgy of sexual allure and desire. The football studs and the Goddesses love to team up and play together. When you wear this piece you will be in on the action and they will use your body as a field and trust me they will make lots of touchdowns!!

If you are a sexual being and love the company of men and women, then this is a MUST HAVE piece -- if you have always been curious about the same sex, but never tried it... why think about it anymore... experiment with the spirits and feel the energetic vibrations of pleasure that will formulate upon your body!

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