This piece is very rare. It is 14k gold and tortoise shell. This is the key to the mind. More of these are coming and will be on after this one. This is the thought grid. Through the use of the stones you can transmit your thoughts and suggestions to another persons mind with out them knowing you are invading them. This piece is extremely powerful and should not be used for anything dark. Examples of what this can be used for and have also been tested for are, Love Helping a sick person, mental stability, getting a job, getting what you want, making people see your point of view, getting people do as you wish. This can also be used for darker nature things and I would not do that. Pretty much anything you wish to place in someones head can and will happen. This is very good for helping someone that is depressed or needs to get over a fixation. If you want to be the most noticed that can surely happen as well. You can actually change the way people look at you with this piece. How it works is the universal mind grid. Every thought is energy and all energy can produce actions. This piece only knows the bounds of your imagination. Please be responsible. The technology is that used by the Tall Ones. This makes a great gift for someone at x-mas who is seeking a job or wants to take full control of their life.
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