This piece comes from to town of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Yes, I know that it seems to be overdone, but Gettysburg is a very valuable source of paranormal activity to use in research and development; or, to gather the piece that you see here. This piece comes from a phantom church that I had the thrill of visiting. I can’t really describe this experience other than calling the church a phantom church. Read on, and I will discuss this in further detail.

A while back a few of my friends and I thought it would be a cool idea to take a trip to Gettysburg. We stayed in a hotel that was supposedly haunted by the spirits of soldiers from years past. Cool, right? Yeah, it wasn’t really that cool at all. In fact, the manager of the place turned out to be a big time flake. You know, one of those really creepy people that own like seventy-six cats, four dogs and a parrot named Polly. The guy really wouldn’t have known a reality from the paranormal is Casper would’ve sat next to him and said, “Boo!”

Our trip was not completely in vain, though. The hotel was pretty nice, and we got all the paranormal research done that we wanted to. Although, they say be careful what you wish for, there’s a difference between me and everyone else, because I really did want to get it. In fact, I got exactly what I wanted one night when I was visited a place in Gettysburg known as Triangular Field.

Triangular field is a hotspot for paranormal activity and many documented encounters with the spirits from the realms that exist after this one exist. We decided that it would probably be a good idea to scope this place out, so that way I had something to tell Deedee when I got back from vacation. After all, she had let me borrow all of her equipment and I would have hated to go back to her empty handed. You know, she gets really excited about this stuff!!

Anyway, we entered Triangular Field at about quarter past 12, which to my knowledge is illegal because the parks down there typically close at dusk unless prior arrangements have been made. There was no stopping me, though… whether I had to go alone or not. As it stood, there were six people—myself, my cousin Julli and four of our other friends. At long last, Julli and I were the only ones that were lucky enough to have the experience what I’m about to tell you.

It turns out that two of the people that were with, ended up staying behind, because they were afraid to even enter the park after sundown. Guess they’re afraid of their own shadow. That left me with Julli, my friend Eric, and his girlfriend Chastity. I gave Julli my IR meter, which is the piece of equipment used to get thermal readings. I figured this would be the way to go, since I had such a broad spectrum to explore. I gave Eric a video camera which completely shut down and stopped working; Chastity I gave a Polaroid, to snap shops with, even though they all came out blacked out, with not picture at all. I read somewhere later that the camera thing is actually a common occurrence for Triangle Field.

As we stood in the field Julli gave me a reading, so we went to explore an area of the field that was actually line with trees. When we got to strongest point of the thermal reading, we sat down in the grass and had an old-school séance with candles and the whole nine. Chastity got freaked out, even though she insisted this would be “the coolest thing ever.” Eric ran to her, so she wouldn’t get pissed off. At long last, this left Julli and I to fend for ourselves, which isn’t a bad thing, but I don’t think neither she nor I were ready for what we were about to encounter.

About ten minutes into our séance (yes you can do it with two people as long as they have enough psychic ability… guess it runs in the family), we pulled up the wandering spirit of a soldier named Samuel, who actually had no clue was going on. His confusion actually worked out in our favor, as he thought we were just one of his fellow comrades, minus the war garb.

Samuel instructed us to stay low and follow him. He led us through the woods to makeshift church that we would find out later was just as much of a spirit as he was. The church served as an altar and sanctuary for the Confederate army during a time of battle. He led us into the church, which was fully clad in Civil War era relics and decoration.

We followed Samuel, who was the only person in the building at the time. He led us down into the basement, where there was a type of morgue, with dead bodies and so much blood that we could have waded in it. He informed us that it was his duty to drain the blood through a drain that was built into the floor of the church. As he drained the blood, we followed his lead and watched it flow into the woods, where it all collected in a pool. Amongst the pool, something caught my eye. It is the piece that you see below.

I reached out for the piece, forgetting for the moment that Samuel was even with us. Julli just kind of lingered there, watching the both of us. I grabbed the piece in time to look up and see the whole spectacle, blood and all shimmer and dissipate. Julli looked at me with a confused expression that I reflected as if I had become a mirror. There was no longer a soldier, a church, or blood. The weirdest part was that I still held the piece that I had retrieved in my hand.

Upon further investigation, I discovered that what had happened is known as a spiritual crossover. When a spirit becomes confused, it is possible for him to bring remnants of its realm into ours. It is also possible, then, for a human to experience that part of the spiritual realm as if it were really happening. This is the phenomena that took place at Triangle Field that night.

As for the piece; upon further investigation into this, it turns out the piece holds the blood and spirits of a thousand unknown soldiers. It will give you psychic ability and the ability to communicate with spirits from many different realms. You will hold the power of telepathy, which will allow you open the spirit portals and pull spirits through for whatever purposes you wish the ability to serve. It will open your third eye and you will receive full communication ability with these spirits. You will also be able to obtain any powers, ability, and knowledge you may find along the way. Basically, this will transform you into a spirit diviner. With that in mind, be careful what you pull through, because you never know what you are going to get. This piece has been charmed with a protection spell to keep you safe, but it’s always better to know. You will receive the piece that you see below.

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