The picture shown on this necklace is of the sun-god Ra, as the sun in the sky, looking upon his father, Amun, who is talking to the virgin Neith. Together, they represent the Trinity, the Egyptian Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, or as is the case, the Virgin. The Trinity of Ra gives you the power to astral travel to heaven and speak with the gods. You will have the utmost protection in the spirit world, and the power of the sun’s fire will always be behind you to incinerate your enemies. The Virgin Neith will give you the purity needed to get into heaven, as only the most pure can enter Heaven’s Gates. She is the key to getting in, while Ra and Amun are your proof to the gods that you have permission to be there. You will gain more power every time you do this, until one day you will have the powers of a god.

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